Do you use a pen case to protect your purse lining?

  1. If you do, what do you use? TIA!
  2. I do not use a pen case. I have a Coach wristlet for my pen, pocket knife, nail file, etc.
  3. When I do carry pens, I use a pen case. I would cry if one exploded in my bags!

    eta: I use a cheapy hello kitty one for now. It was $1 at Target
  4. I was using a hello kitty one but now I am using a LV cosmetics case - the dome shaped one that is 7 in across the bottom and has a lining that seems to be coated so that a pen would not leakn your purse lining. I have been carrying it for years and nothing has leaked so far, but if it did, it wouldn't ruin my bag . . .
  5. Good thread.
    I should use one, I've already gotten my ivory Kooba all marked up and it killed me !!
  6. for me, i just put my pen in my makeup pouch.
  7. I keep my Mozart inside my wallet, it's the only pen I ever carry for fear of leaks and stuff.
  8. i too have a cute hello kitty cheap one
  9. I keep my pen in my makeup bag along with a little notepad. I figure I can always buy a new makeup bag if something happens. It's only a $16 LeSportsac bag.
  10. [​IMG]THIS!
  11. ^^^ Lovely pen case!

    I, too, am looking for a good pen/pencil/school implement case. Preferably leather (LV is outta my price range) and large (bigger than Coach wristlets...)

    Any suggestions?

  12. I use a gorgeous but cheap ethnic design fabric pen case from Indonesia I bought from a trip a long time ago.
  13. Never thought about it, but I should. I just posted a pic in the LV forum under "what's in your bag" and I realized when I took the pics I have a ton of pens in there. I actually got a big red ink stain on the first LV I ever bought from a leaky pen.
  14. I use a kate spade pencil case.
  15. I have a tiny Cinnamoroll click pen I keep in my Coach wristlet which goes into a larger purse, and also a cartier pen that you twist to for the ballpoint to come out that keep in one of the inner zip pockets of the bigger purse , so I'll always have a pen no matter what I'm carrying!

    I don't carry anything that I have to put a pen cap back on b/c I always lose them, and I was always worried I'd get pen marks on the inside of the bag.

    So far, so good!