Food Do you use a microwave?


Jun 18, 2007
When I was younger, I had a pan of "microwave safe" Nair wax that exploded in the microwave and burned a huge hole in the plastic inside. My dad tested it with a geiger counter he brought home from work and even with the inner elements exposed, it had a negative reading :shrugs:...

So yes, I use a microwave. I don't cook anything in it, but I use it to heat water and defrost certain things...


apres moi le deluge
Jul 4, 2006
east coast
i stopped using one a while ago. i have a toaster oven and i do not miss it a bit. the toaster oven is a convection as well. of course i have a full kitchen but when i want to just heat something up i can put it in that. i do not miss it at all. i hve to plan ( take things out to defrost) otherwise it is a piece of cake.