Do you use a "Chameleon" organizer in your Birkin?

  1. Hello, Folks.

    Although I've posted minimally since joining, I'm delighted to be back participating in this wonderful forum. That said, may I ask if other 35cm birkin lovers choose to use a chameleon (or other organizer) in their birkins? After reading the generous posts on this topic, I purchased multiple "chameleons" for use in my bags. Quite frankly, I think they work beautifully in the bolide (given its shape), but truly missed reaching into the beautiful chevre linings of my birkins. (The shape, structure and size allow for perfect organization, in my opinion.) Any input??

    Happy New Year!!
  2. I don't use anything like that in my birkins.
  3. Yes, most definitely. A large chameleon in my Birkins, and a medium in my 31 Bolides. Best thing, ever.
  4. The inside of our Birkins and Kellys is so lovely I just can't imagine using a chameleon - just cheapens the whole thing. With the zipper pocket and the two open ones in my Kelly, I have no problem keeping things organized. I also carry a small leather cosmetic bag (would love a Karo but that's too expensive), my wallet, a small leather envelope for sales receipts, a small leather non-Hermes post-it note case, a non-Hermes leather business card case, and a Liberty fabric purse-size tissue cover. My cell phone fits perfectly in one of the open pockets.
  5. Yes! I use one in my Birkin and the same one in my Evelyne GM--haven't carried a Kelly since I started using the Chameleon about 4 months ago. It works fabulously in the Evelyne especially since it's kind of just an open sack-type bag. I like the fact that my stuff stays organized, I can switch bags in an instant, and especially the fact that my keys never scratch the interior of the bag. There is also no worry about carrying a pen or two with me, which I do often.

    As for the Chameleon cheapening the bag--I do agree with that sentiment in an emotional way, but the practicality of the organizer still wins out for me. I actually have been thinking of having some leather prototypes made of a similar but improved design, just especially for those of us who'd like a purse organizer but don't want to carry around a cheapie nylon version in our Hermes bags. (I discussed this idea briefly with the Chameleon lady but she didn't seem interested :shrug: She seemed to think that her product was priced at the top of the market already--which means she doesn't realize who she's dealing with, when selling to Birkin lovers! LOL)
  6. DITTO, cynthia!
    i love 'em! :heart:
    i also bought them for gifts and
    bought them in a bunch of colors for myself,
    which adds another "rainbow" inside my bags.
    i use it in all my bags: my 35 birkin, my 37 bolide and GM evelyne.
    i am presently using the orange one in my black evelyne TGM
    i, too, think it works best in the evelyne,
    since it is a deep sac and it would be much harder
    to find stuff loosely strewn on the bottom of the bag.
    great invention! :tup:
  7. What's a Chameleon? I looked and I can't find nuthin'. :wondering
  8. I have a purseket in red and orange poka dots. I use it mostly in my Balenciaga bags to give them a bit structure. Occasionally, when I'm lazy, I just take it out and transfer it to my 30 birkin. But most of the time, I prefer to enjoy my Hermes au naturel.

    I searched extensively for a bag organizer and settled for purseket due to its flexibility in size and color designs. I also like the fact that it doesn't take up the entire insides of my bags. It still allows part of of the bags to show through (bottom and upper half). Every time I open my bag, the funky pattern/ color cracks me up.
  9. I have a Large extra sturdy in Black (perfect for Birkin 35cm) , and a reg Medium (which is better for my others bbag)...
    It's so practical for everyday use, and it's a dream to switch bags with cameleons : just 5 sec
    And you don't have to remember in which pocket you have put your things in your bags if you have different styles...
  10. Yes!! I received one in a bolide that I purchased second hand. Even when I received it, I never thought that I would use it in my birkin, but I do. I agree with Cynthia--the organization outweighs all other considerations!
  11. try this:
  12. The issue of whether its inherently inexpensive material cheapens a Birkin is an interesting one as it had not occurred to me before. For me, it is really the ideal organizer. I actually prefer the nylon material as it adds virtually no weight to what is already a relatively heavy bag. I can put my BlackBerry and pens in an easily accessible space, slide files and bigger pieces around the outside of the chameleon, not worry about messing up the insides of the bag, and the 5 sec. transfer to another bag is key. I gave a bunch as gifts last year and they have been universally adored.
  13. Yes - I love the Chameleon - I switch bags frequently so I keep everything in there and can just pull it out and drop it into my next bag. I used to have th old system of using LV pochettes, etc... to organize things, but I much prefer the Chameleon and this way I don't have the stretch the pockets of my Birkins.
  14. Do you recommend the extra sturdy? I am concerned it will add extra weight and bulk.

    Also, would the large be good for both 35 birkin and 32 kelly?

    Many thanks!