Do you use 1 Wallet?

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  1. I am just curious what most of you do here.. I HATE switching out wallets, and hate spending the money on a lot of wallets when I can have more purses!! :yahoo: That being said, I have never really had a (gasp!) black bag, but now I have one... so, other than the obvious owning the khaki/ebony legacy wallet, do you guys switch wallets out with your bags, or do you have just one wallet that you toss in your bags and aren't so anal about it? :p I absolutely don't have issues w/ my brown wallet in any brown color purse, white purse, colored purse, etc but wonder about the brown wallet/black bag thing, etc. What do you all do yourselves and what do you think? :confused1:
  2. know I LOVE the whole matchy match thing!! I do own several wallets to match my different bags, but I dont think it really matters if you use a brown wallet in a black bag!!! Especially that wallet you have b/c it's STUNNING!!!!!
  3. Personally, I don't care about matching wallets with my bags. I have a brown leather slim envelope wallet that I always no matter what color purse I'm wearing.
  4. Yup, I only use one wallet. It's black signature. I also have a mini skinny for the cards I always use.
  5. Oh, good to know! :tup: You guys are making me feel okay about it.. lol I just hate thinking of switching over all my cards, checkbook, etc just to wear a different bag for the day! Pain!!! :sad:
  6. I don't think it matters, it's up to you and your individual taste. I 'purseonally" only have one wallet...but, I plan on purchasing another in the fall, just so I can switch them out. Then I will have a spring/summer and a fall/winter wallet. I usually always want a new bag and pass on the wallets when I'm shopping.
    As far as black with brown, I think you still match because they are both Coach. :tup:
  7. Yes, I have an Isabella Fiore wallet and I use it with all my bags. I sold the purse that matched the wallet but I just can't seem to give up this one wallet.
  8. I don't match my wallet to my bag. I have a legacy stripe french wallet that I use all the time. I don't think accessories have to match your bag nor do they HAVE to match each other. I think that's how we express our individuality, with our charms and accessories!
  9. I never switch my wallet anymore...I honestly don't care if my wallet matches my bag that much. I got my legacy french framed small wallet for Christmas and have only used that one fact, I think I sold my other Coach wallets on eBay because I was so in love with the legacy!!
  10. I hear ya'! :tup: Plus everytime I go to buy a wallet, I can't do it, I'd rather have another purse!!! :drool: I did just buy a khaki sig soho checkbook wallet that I really love.. just didn't know if that brown one would be a bad thing in a black bag.. lol don't want to get laughed at now! :boxing:
  11. I almost think what annoys me more is the silver/gold thing! The way some wallets/bags have the silver and some have the gold... grr drives me nuts! lol but I know they don't have to match!
  12. ITA:yes:
  13. I use 1 wallet, it's a brown Gucci & goes just about everything!
  14. Okay I am a little slow.. what does ITA mean?:confused1:
  15. I just bought my first Coach wallet this past PCE. Its the turquoise Ergo French wallet. Before I was using a wristlet and mini skinny for my wallet needs. I will stick to this one wallet FOREVER. Its a Coach wallet that I wear with Coach bags...thats a good enough match for me! Coach wallets are just too expensive for me to even think about having one for every bag. I took a big step by purchasing this one! LOL I'd rather have new bags too but if I had money to burn, I'd probably have more wallets.:queen: