Do you try use a Chanel Purse when you go to the Boutique? NM? Saks?

  1. When you know you are on a Chanel mission and are going to visit your nearest Chanel Boutique, do you try to carry a Chanel purse?

    Do you think the SA are friendlier when they see you are already a Chanel owner?

    I was originally an LV girl and noticed when I carried an LV into the boutiques, they were much more apt to help me. I've just crossed into the world of Chanel, so I am just wondering your feelings.
  2. I would think so- they know that you will buy their bags so they want to help you so they can get your sale.
  3. ^I totally agree.
  4. I don't when I go to NM, but I tened to when I go to the boutique.
    I know Shannon, my NM SA doesn't think twice about what I'm carrying to NM, she gives my super service no matter what!
  5. Now that's a good SA!:yes:
    No pretentiousness lol!
  6. All I own now are Chanel bags so I guess I don't have a choice! I wouldn't, though, consciously make an effort to carry a Chanel bag if I'm going to the boutique or NM/Saks... I'd just expect good service no matter what bag I'm carrying.
  7. I have had on all types of bags and it really depends on the SA. A good SA will be nice and friendly and helpful no matter what bag you are carrying. An SOB SA will spit in your eye even if you are decked out head to toe in Chanel.
  8. ^^^
  9. When at the Chanel boutique, I make an effort to carry Chanel.
    At NM, Saks, Bloomies, Nordies, I don't bother.
  10. Me too.:idea:
  11. My Dear Friends:

    Same experience here!!! If you go to a Chanel boutique, you need to show-off your Chanel bag, otherwise most of the SA don't bother ask if you need anything...

    With NM, Saks and Nordstrom, SA are less judgemental!!! But, there are EXCEPTIONS too!!!

    If I am just window shopping, then I use my Chanel but if I intend to buy, I don't care what SA thinks and I only work with ones that I 'feel' comfortable with!!!

  12. I always carry my Chanel. I use them because my Chanels are my favorite compared to my LVs. Coincidentally, I get better service everywhere (NM, SAKS, boutique) when I use my Chanel and dress appropriately.
  13. I am very young for designer bags and when they see me wearing it they know I am a serious customer and not justa girl who wants to look at bags she would never pay.
  14. i always take my Chanels when going to a Trunk Show................but have wandered into Chanel Dept. store boutiques on occasion with a Dior or Prada or Chloe or Balenciaga, etc. I am kidded for "being a traitor" but that's 'cause i know the SAs and have bought alot from them................imo, any SA who would seriously "look down" on a customer just because she is not carrying a Chanel bag, is a snob who should be taken down a few pegs by being made to sell bad Chanel knock-offs at a garage sale...........:graucho:
    or in the prison yard of a womens jail..........
  15. I actually never carry my Chanel when I go to a trunk show. Everyone else is carrying a Chanel and I don't want to be holding the same bag as three other people. I will however carry another fabulous bag such as my beautiful ivory Chloe Paddington. The SA's do pay greater attention to you if you are carrying a designer bag. (Isn't that awful!) But from personal experience, I do agree that if you walk into a Chanel store carrying a Chanel bag, you will usually receive better service.