Do you try a new brand?

  1. I have noticed on this board people with huge collections of one purse brand or another. I have always bought whatever appealed to me at the time. However my last two purses have been dissapointing and I am starting to lean towards the brands I am most comfortable with. I think I get caught up in the excitment of a brand and don't look at it in person and am upset when it arrives and is not what I expect. Today I got my moni moni plum in the mail and I had expectations that it would be nicer for the price. But you live and you learn (no offense meant for those who love it). Is anyone leaning towards the brands they are most comfortable with? I am scared to keep taking chances.
  2. nah I've had few disappointments. I like my collection to be varied. A little of everything. I don't collect any one particular designer although I do tend to buy more from a particular designer if I like them.

    Can you return your moni? I've actually been wanting to buy a splendor for quite a while. Why don't you like it?
  3. I like to try new brands if something in their collection catches my eye. I usually do a lot of research before purchasing my bags so there isn't usually that much surprise. I got into Rebecca Minkoff lately and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of her bags :smile:
  4. I usually stick with one brand. But I recently saw a tpf'er collection was so varied that it encouraged me to branch out.
  5. I am always willing to try new brands but I like to make sure there is a return policy, especially when buying online. I think it is natural to stick with what we know and are comfortable with, but to discover great new things requires a small amount of risk that you will not like it. But I think it is all worth it in the end.
  6. Yes! I want a bag from each of the "biggies". I have certain criteria that I look for before adding a bag to my collection.
  7. You know how some bags just don't appeal to you. I just am not bonding with it. I will give it time to grow on me.
  8. I'm all about diversification! :yes:

    When I used to be really into jeans, my goal at one point was to own at least one pair of each designer brand. Now I'm kind of getting that way with purses... I started out with a handful of Coach bags and two Pradas, but now more I'm into boutique brands. I'd love to have one bag from each different brand I like. I think it's a great way to figure out which brands you really love and want to be loyal to, because you've actually tried them all, kwim? :shrugs:
  9. I used to only love LV, now I've got a few Prada, Coach, DVF, Kate Spade, and I'm looking to branch into something else soon!
  10. I do not tend to stick to one brand, I tried that but its not for me. I go with whatever I really like and hope I will continue to like and wear it. I have been disappointed on one or two ocassions but its made me learn not to rush into purchasing a bag. Ofcourse there are certain brands im more partial too than others but I dont just stick to one brand.
  11. I tend to have my favorite (Marc Jacobs) but own many brands. I think as I get older, I find some brands are more "me" & those are the ones that I gravitate towards. Could be the disappointment factor too, once you get comfortable w/ a certain brand then you know what to expect & aren't let down if you branch out.

    That being said, I love coming to this forum because I have learned about so many other brands that I would have never experienced. Adds to the wish list....
  12. I'm always trying new brands of bags. As long as it catches my fancy for more than a day, it's mine. I used to walk away from bags and see if I was still pining for it a few days later, but now, I buy first and ask questions later. But I have to see it IRL first.
  13. My first love is Jimmy Choo of which I have quite a few, but I also have Prada, Gucci, Botkier, Gustto, Kooba, Rebecca Minkhoff and Belen Enchandia. I don't care for LV or Chanel...but that is just me.
  14. I have my favorites, and usually elaborate on those.. but I like all sorts of brands
  15. A collection of one label is nice and if you can do it, great! I like to try new styles. If it's different and catches my eye, I will get it.