Do you trust Neiman Marcus? Purchase a Chloe Tracy

  1. Just received my Chloe Tracy from Neiman's.

    No Department store or security tags on the bag. It did come with a Chloe dustbag and Chloe tags

    Now my question is,Isn't it easy to switch with a fake one & then return it back?

    Maybe I have a fake one?

    Would you return it?
  2. I got one from them I ordered online. It came with no Chloe tags, and no dustbag. There was only the purse thrown hastily into a plastic bag. It was rough looking so back it went! I got it for about 40% off and I think it was a return. You can have it authenticated on the authenticate this Chloe thread.
  3. No, I don't totally trust items from any store (online and/or off) that doesn't use security tags; especially if they're by a brand I'm not very familiar with.

    Personally, if it seemed OK and in good shape, I'd authenticate it (both myself and if I had any doubts, I'd ask the lovely people on the ATC) and if it seemed legit, I'd keep it; but, if it was in bad shape and/or I had any doubts at all about authenticity, I'd return it. :yes:
  4. Considering what you're paying, there should be at least some kind identification, like brand and store tags. I would expect that at a bare minimum.

    ImonPB - that's horrific about the lack of care they took with packaging! I would expect that kind of service from a $2.00 shop! Neiman Marcus should know better; even if you only spend $50 there, they have a reputation to uphold and, for the kind of store that they are, should provide high quality service no matter what. And no dustbag! Dustbags are an integral part of the care of a designer bag AND they maintain a certain value for the item if you ever decide to sell it.
  5. I would think it would be different if it were regular NM or NM Last Call. I would suspect the Last Call Stuff could have just about any issue with it. Fyll price or regular sale stuff is different.
  6. I bought my Bay on First Call at NM, the Chloe tag wasn't on it, so I bet it was a return, but I had it authenticated and everything was fine, so I wouldn't worry too much, it's just a little annoying.
  7. hi there,
    sorry about your chloe bag, IMO Neiman Marcus is one of the reputable stores and authorized retails, therefore their items are authentic.
    however some of items that are on sale sometime they don't include stuffs like dust-bag,etc.
    If you are concerned about your bag you should call costumer service.
    just my 2 cents, hope it helps
  8. When I got my bag, I did call customer service and they were not helpful. They just told me to send it back. It was actually from NM and not the outlet so, no excuses IMO. It was a sale bag, and if it hadn't looked so rough I may have kept it, but I'm glad I didn't. I've since bought several sale bags and none were in bad condition like that one was.

    I'm with ChloeHandbags, if you like it and you got a good deal, then keep it. If you paid full price I'd be inclined to return it and find another one with all the things it should have.
  9. there is NOTHING to prevent someone from returning a fake bag except a diligent SA (but when i have returned things, i have not had anyone inspect the bag carefully). this is particularly so with bags bought online. use your judgment.
  10. Thanks everyone!
    The bag was on sale but still was quite expensive! I rather not go through the trouble to authenciate the bag so I am returning it back to Neiman. Guess wasn't totally in love with it!
    I really thought they would have some better system for their expensive bags to prevent switches:tdown:
  11. I've purchased several sale bags from NM, and what I've noticed is that early in the sale, the bags are pristine, tags, dustbags, sometimes even in the designer box, but as the sale continues, the condition gets worse. I've had some that look like they were carried for a month and then returned. I don't think they even check the condition of the bag when it's returned, they just recycle it into the system for the next buyer. If it's a 'last one' and not too bad, you can call and get an additional discount. I did that with a Tod's from Saks last year, I got a great price originally, the bag looked new except for one corner, which was scuffed, so I called and got an additional 10% off. It was a sold out bag.

  12. Totally agree that Neiman Is reputable and sell authentic items but it's the fraudulent customers that I am leery of & most of the customer reps know less then me concerning the handbags they sell!
    I suggest NM come up with a better system to secure their high-end items!