Do you trust buying a Louis Vuitton bag on ebay or poshmark?


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Dec 6, 2010
I was duped once a few years ago on a LV bag on ebay of over 1000 dollars. I did get my money back but some of the dupes look the same so not sure if I trust these places. Can anyone share their experience?


Mar 15, 2020
I would highly recommend using a 3rd party authentication service like ProAuthenticators before buying bags from sites like that. Heck I'd even use it even on websites like Fashionphile or TRR. That's what I did when I bought a PA Mono off of Poshmark. I knew in my heart it was a legit piece, but you never know with random people.

I know Poshmark has their own free authentication for items over $500, but I still used ProAuthenticators to make sure. I've heard of random stories where Poshmark isn't exactly 100% on authenticating items.
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Mar 18, 2018
I have found some amazing bags in new or nearly new condition on resale sites! I have never understood why people are so fearful of resellers. Maybe it's the off chance they will be inconvenienced with a return? Maybe they have no available credit so it ties up their funds if they have to return something? I don't know, but I am fortunate enough to have several vintage and limited edition bags that I would have missed out on were it not for resale sites. I would suggest the following: A) Find a seller with clear photos and excellent feedback. B) Have it authenticated if you'd like. C) If you are a collector or you are searching for a hard to find item, be grateful for resellers. They are also taking a risk to sell to a stranger and they lose money through the fees and shipping they have to pay on resale sites. It's not out of the norm for them to pay 15-20% in fees.
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