Do you treat your new vs preloved bags differently ?

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  1. (I don't know whether it is the right place to start this thread, since this is the very first one I'm starting. Moderators, please forgive me and move the post if necessary)

    I know that some of us have both new (bought in LV stores or on the offical website) and preloved bags. Do you feel the same way about them ? Do you treat them differently if you know that someone else used it before (even is never exactly the same as brand new) ? Which ones would you use more often ?

    The first times with a preloved bag always feel weird for me (the smell, the used parts...), even if I like the bag very much. The good thing is I don't feel as guilty as buying a brand new one (at the same time it is not as I crazy ? :wondering), because I remind myself that it was a wise purchase and I saved a lot of money towards my next splurge in an LV store.

    Would live to hear your stories about your own LVs ... :smile:

  2. Good question! I definitely do - I am much less concerned about the vachetta on my pre-loved bags - I prefer pre-loved since I find them less stressful. It really doesn't bother me that someone else has used it before me. I always clean the bags inside and out once received.

    I have more preloved items in my closet then new...
  3. I adore my preloved bags! I don't worry about them as much, I love the honey vachetta and I use them much more often than I do my new items. Having said that, I recently am forcing myself to use my new items because they otherwise get left out and left in boxes or on shelves. Preloved goodies are the best! And I love saving money on them... Don't we all!
  4. Good thread, I just started buying pre-loved and I am thrilled about it. When I use my pre-loved bags I don't really have to check the weather or worry about waiting once I put my lotion on my hands like I do my new bags. I still baby my bags (that is just me) but I worry less. I love them just the same.
  5. I'm definitely more comfortable using a pre-owned bag with vachetta. That being said, I do not treat new and pre-owned differently. It may be because I've never bought pre-owned in well used condition. Regardless of new or pre-owned, I'm not going to treat it roughly or abuse it because it was pre-owned. It still costs a lot of money so I'm careful without babying just as I am with new.
  6. I have no problem using my preowned bags... I buy mostly preowned and I feel that it takes some of the *stress* off of me in actually using the items, vs not wanting to "ruin" them. And I love them just the same!!
  7. i have two preloved bags- a yellow epi noe and a speedy 40 mono. the speedy 40 is my overnight/rainy/snowy day bag. it sits on the ground a lot, and gets tossed around too.

    the epi noe is my summer beater bag/beater vacation bag. it's been to the beach and stuffed into bike baskets.

    so yes, i definitely treat my new bags much better than the preloved!!
  8. I use preloved more. I still baby them as much as a new one. It just I don't use the new one as much in the first place. Hee.
  9. I def take more care of my new bags. But depending on which bag it is, I love them just the same :smile:
  10. I think I am very careful with all of my LVs. I try to buy preloved that are in very good condition so I baby those just as much as my new purchases. We are having an awful winter here and I have not been using my purses as much as I would like to as it's snowing all the time:tdown: I tend to buy the Damier and I know they are supposed to be carefree, but I still won't take them out in bad weather!
  11. +1
  12. It's great to read all your answers, thank you for your inputs. It's difficult to discuss it with anyone I know. DH would laugh and my friends wouldn't understand all call me crazy.:wacko:

    I feel sometimes I need to build new memories with a preloved bag, whereas for a new bag, our "story" together start in the store. The comparison is a bit extreme of course, but it almost compares to have an adopted child Vs natural one. In the end I know I love them the same, but it's not the same start. My relationship to my preloved bag is trickier than those I bought from the store.

    I agree with the vachetta being nicer and more comfortable to use when preloved (but then it also often come with some minor scratches I can't help but notice).
    With DE, the problem is almort always with the bottom corners. And the smell is definitely different from a new bag, always.

    My next bag will be a new one, I'm patiently saving for it and looking forward to doing a reveal here. Of course I will certainly be asking for advice before too ! :amuse:
  13. I baby all my preloved and new I like to buy mint condition preloved so their still very new and hardly used. Bought two preloved and the vachetta haven't even patina. Looks very brand new. Got it for good price also.
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    Hmmmm. Yeah, it is a bit extreme. It's probably not best to compare a living, breathing human being, who had no control over the circumstances of their birth, to a used handbag that you throw your daily stuff into. Neither the parents, nor the adoptees themselves, actually appreciate it. Oy.

    Thanks :smile:
  15. I'm terribly and sincerely sorry if I hurt any susceptibilities here.
    I don't like to reveal too many personal things on forums, but it's worth to mention that I was adopted myself and feel very comfortable with it. End of digression, and apologies again...