Do you treat your leather Gucci wallets?

  1. I just recently bought a new leather Gucci wallet. Was wondering, do you treat your leather wallets with anything like how you do your bags?

    I ask this because my other leather Guccissima wallet got ruined while in my baby bag. It got exposed to some baby wipes and now the leather is a little bubbled after it dried.. not nice and flush like how I used to remember it. So sad. :crybaby:
  2. Nope. My wallet is from the 80's (given to my mom by my aunt, along with a bunch of her vintage guccis) and it's nice and smooth. The leather is very soft and there's only a spot or two from where the clasp flips back and forth. The gold is wearing away just a tiny bit after 20+ years of use. It's all mine now! I upgraded from my little blue target wallet (or what used to be blue... ew.)

    I'm sorry your other wallet got ruined.
  3. Thanks ColdSteel. It's sad when you spend all this money for it to just get ruined.

    I'm gonna see what the SA's at the Gucci boutique say Friday. While I'm in there, I'll ask about their pre-sale. That should cheer me up!

    Oh and glad to hear your wallet is standing the test of time! That's awesome! Do you have a pic of it?
  4. I don't treat my leather wallet with anything. I had monogram wallets before and didn't treat them too, not problems with both leather and mono. Both wear very well. I would leave it personally.
  5. I took pics, but I can't watermark or resize them on this computer. Expect some shots of my as-yet-unnamed wallet.
  6. I just bought my mom a Gucci wallet presale (for that Nov 20th 10% off sale). I can't pick it up yet, but when I do I plan on treating it with some Apple Guard products to help protect the leather.

    She has a Gucci checkbook wallet in pretty darn condition from literally 10-15 years ago. It still looks good, but I thought I'd just get her another one just since it's been a while. I'd say all in all they hold up well!
  7. I don't treat my wallets with anything either and they seem to hold up well.