Do you travel w/ your Speedy? I'm afraid it'll get stolen or something..r/o

  1. I'm always super paranoid that it'll get stolen/lost or draw unwanted attention from bad people. Plus I feel wierd if I leave it in a hotel room. I always travel w/ something not quite as nice just in case (love the Longchamp totes for this reason). Am I just pyscho? hehe :biggrin:
  2. I travel w/ my Batignolles Horizontal and Chanel all the time!
  3. you're not psycho...

    where are you going? are you going to a large city where LV is popular, or out in a small town? personally, i travel w/messenger bags for that very reason, especially if i'm going sight-seeing. but for dinner out or somewhere indoors, i would definitely use my speedy.
  4. No. The speedy is not exactly an attention grabber.
  5. I don´t have a speedy, but I travel with my pochette gange, i love it because its so practical, and using it around my body, I pay no mind about someone would take it easily from me. I like Lv lugagge but first, I cant afford it, two I caught more and more eyes and three, my parents simpky would make me return to home and change my luggage.

    I bought a monogram canvas Trouville for my one day trips but I just used it once. The patina was starting to develop even it was in its dustbag and in the most hidden place from my wardrobe, hehe. 3 months ago I sold it to my aunt, who loves big, enormous bags, I cant think about the thing I bought for little luggage its being used as a daliy handbag!! Well, everyone is different...
  6. I know what you're saying, but I use my LVs for travel ALL the time! It's just not worth NOT using such expensive bags, IMO.
  7. i'd totally travel with my speedy! i love my bags so much i reckon they all should get a chance to shine! if something bad happens then it does....
  8. I have no problem travelling with my LV. I carry trocadero for sightseeing and dining out carry other bag. I think LV is pretty low profile bag IMO
  9. It's not worth it to spend money on a bag that you won't use and enjoy.
    Take that bag out and show her the town!
  10. not psyco at all....when I stay overnight in atlantic city...I am not about to carry an expensive bag around. I like going into the casino late at night and I see alot of shady people around and Im very observant and I do see how some people "scope" you out. Its not worth it. So yes, sometimes for safety sake its better to not draw attention to yourself. I would never leave an expensive bag in the hotel room either.
  11. I agree!
  12. I think it really depends on where you are travelling to. I bought my Speedy in Vegas, and carried it around Vegas for a few days. I also left it in my hotel room a couple of times too. When I left it in my room I made sure it was well hidden in my luggage, I didn't leave it sitting out in the open.
  13. I travel with my Keepall and also get scared i will lose it, Or the leather on the bag will get wreaked from the air port things.
  14. Speedy for those long flights and my damier olav PM for sight-seeing!
  15. My speedy 30 is my everyday bag, and I also take it on vacations. I always have one eye on my purse when I am out and about. The only time I have had a problem was in Puerto Vallarta, My husband noticed 2 guys following a little too close...Pulled me into a store, and waited for the guys to go by....If I am in a hotel I will hide the bag if I am not going to use it.