Do you tip your groomer?

  1. I've always groomed my yorkie at home, but he hates it and I feel horrible doing it. His hair had gotten long and tangly, and I didn't think I'd ever be able to cut the hair around his face. I finally decided to bring him in to Petsmart to get him pampered (grooming includes a massage :graucho:). It took almost 5 hours before I got him back. He cried and barked pretty much the entire time the groomer was cutting his hair. The full service groom was $38. I wasn't sure what the tipping etiquette for grooming is and felt so bad that I tipped $10. What do you usually tip?
  2. I have three Lhasas and my groomer charges me $70 (for all of them). I usually tip $20 because they are awesome, always squeezes us in, and I always smell people food on my favorite dog's breath. LOL

    Also 5 hours for one dog is a bit long. I usually have all three of my pups done in 3-4 hours.
  3. When I made the appointment for 11:00, they told me it should be done within 3 hours (by 2:00). When I dropped him off, they told me they were busy and my groomer was running late so he should be done by 3. I ended up waiting until 3:45 to pick him up. I was feeling exhausted by the time SO and I took him home since we thought he'd be done earlier and walked around/stood around for a few hours. We wanted to be nearby in case something went wrong. I think we -- me, SO, groomer, and Stud Muffin (my dog) -- were all wiped out from the experience.
  4. I always tip the groomers who do my Chis.

    They get us in and out super fast (I refuse to drop my dogs off and come back to pick them up...I wait the whole time) and are so nice!
  5. I always tip our groomer. She charges me 68.00, and I usually give her ten dollars tip. I don't know if this if the right amount or not. She treats my dog very nicely and I am pretty happy with the service. What is the appropriate amount?
  6. I always tip -- $10 per dog. My dogs are there all day.
  7. I always tip my groomer - 10.00. :smile:
  8. I tip $10.00. They only groom Princess, but she is there usually from 10am to 5 or 6pm having a blast running around with all of the other dogs lol. They love her, and treat her very well, so I dont mind tipping $10.00, even though my SO thinks its too much!
  9. Yes, I always tip because they always give me a discount on the grooming fees because hes such a good little guy ;] I think its always appropriate to tip if the services rendered are satisfactory.
  10. I haven't tipped when I got my cat groomed. I paid around $60 & when I went to go pick him up, the receptionist rushed me & I just paid my fee & left. I didn't even think about tipping but if I met the groomer or they were out there, I think I'd tip. I know I should tip anyway but I rarely take my cat in anymore to get shaved :push: