do you tip for take out?

  1. for ice cream? who do you tip and why? i know the usuals, but then there's the coffe shop, the pizza shop, the ice cream shop...??? do you tip b/c the tip jar is there? what's the etiquette, if there is any at all? thanks!
  2. No tip for takeouts.

    Also you should not tip in Japanese and Korean places, it is considered rude.
  3. I tip for take out for take out at some places. Like Milano's a pizza place here, actually when I lived on the other side of town they knew my name and what I ordered and were always really friendly, so how could I not?
    However I don't tip at places like Subway or Baskin Robbins...for example.
  4. I don't think there is a need to tip at all those places. I do however tip when I go to an ice cream place like Maggie Moo's or Cold Stone Creamery. They really put a lot of pressure on their wrists and I just think of the harm they are doing in the long run and know they aren't getting paid well enough.
    My mom used to work in Dunkin Donuts a long time ago and said they used to get paid so little that they used to depend on the tip jar, but that was when they used to have those counters you can sit at and get served. I haven't seen one of those in awhile.
  5. Nope not usually
  6. Actually I work at a Japanese restaurant and we consider not tipping terrible because we tip the kitchen and bus 5% of sales, and without tip, the waitresses LOSE money by going to work.

    As for takeout, I only tip when I feel like I've actually received service and that I've been taken care of. For instance, while I wait for take out the host chit chats with me or offers me a beverage, etc..
  7. depends on my mood and the service, but gererally yes
  8. ITA! Couldn't have said it better.