Do you tie scarves on your purses IRL day to day existence

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  1. like they do on the bags in the stores?

    I think if I walked around here in the midwest in a "medium-sized" town like that I'd look silly.

    I don't think I have ever seen someone do that.
  2. I wear a scarf on all my bags! Its just something I started within the last few months but now im hooked and I feel like my bags are naked it they are jazzed up! I love the look!
  3. I always use scarf on my bags. I always match the color of the scarf with the top I'm wearing. I love scarves.
  4. Yup, all the time! I never see anyone else do it, but I dont really care - I love my scarves!
  5. The Madeline came with scarves and I just kept them on. Everyone here asks me about it. They thought it looks pretty and wanted to do that too. I haven't ventured to tying scarves on my other bags that didn't come with one though.
  6. I do it lots - altho DH thinks Lily and Abbey totally don't need it. (Don't tell him so, but I think he's right.) I put my Coach scarves on my LP bags, too. Like donnalynn, don't see anybody else doing it but I like the look. :smile:
  7. I tie scarves on my bags and it's always the first thing I receive comments on when they point to my bag :amuse:
  8. nope, not ever.
  9. It all depends on my mood. If I have time in the morning, I'll put a scarf on that matches what I'm wearing, but if I'm running late I don't bother. I like how it really jazzes up a plain bag.
  10. I tie one on each of my purses!! I get lots of compliments on them!!
  11. Haha me too, I think I get more compliments on my scarves than my bags sometimes LOL
  12. I don't either as I think I would look silly. I never see anyone around here with scarves on their purses.
  13. I am addicted to ponytail scarves! It all depends on the bag if I will put a scarf on the bag. Most of the time there is one on my bag. I do not see many people with scarves on their bags but I have got two friends to start putting scarves on their bags this year.
  14. I like how it looks on other people's bags--I love looking at all the pretty scarves--it's just not something I'd do myself. It just isn't "me," you know? I do know people IRL who do this, though (not all Coachies, either)!
  15. I've just recently started doing that and now i want scarfs on all my bags, i'm scarf obsessed.