Do you tie a scarf on your bag?

  1. I think bags look cute with a scarf on them in the store but I rarely do it myself. I am debating getting the legacy ponytail scarf. Those of you that have it, do you actually use it?
  2. While I don't have that particular scarf, I do often tie a scarf on a bag. Square ones can be folded to be worn around the neck, around the waist (if they are big enough), on a ponytail (smaller squares work better for this) or on a bag (a small one, tied just in a knot). I think a scarf accents a plainer bag and can pull it into an outfit.

    The ponytail or oblong scarves can be worn in a small boy on a bag and can be worn around the waist or in the hair (ponytail or headband).

    Overall, I really like scarves! They are fun, and it is easier for me to do something in a bright color with a scarf than in a piece of clothing (less expensive, less commitment!).
  3. I tie the ponytail scarves in bows on my bags. They are really cute that way!
  4. i use my legacy ponytail scarf on my black baby bag i use for school. it gives just enough color!
  5. I've never used one, but I saw a girl today with the legacy stripe ponytail scarf tied on her signature stripe tote and it was adorable! Made me consider getting the scarf!
  6. Me, too. And I always get so many compliments!
  7. I just got the legacy ponytail scarf to tie on my black legacy bag. I think it's very cute! If I find that I use it enough, I'll get another scarf or two.
  8. I used it actually on my plane ride home when my hair tie broke! I also like it tied around my head under a cap for a punch of color. If I have the time to straighten my hair then I'll tie a scarf in it as well.
  9. ^^^aarti - that sounds adorable. At some point, do you think you could post a pic?
  10. i just got a lv twilly with blue/ white flowers to tie on my myrtille speedy. i also just bought a red bag that it will look pretty on. i would LOVE to try it on my ponytail but my hair is such that it would slide right off.
  11. I do sometimes. I don't own a Coach or anything, but I think it's a smart look. It's also very handy to have that scarf if I get a stain on my bosom... instant cover-up for the morsel that got away (big busted girls know exactly what I mean).
  12. You can tie the scarf directly to the pony tail elastic then put it into your hair. I haven't done this with my Coach scarf but I've done it in the past with ribbons and other scarves. That way it's held on by the elastic rather than simply tied around your hair. Does that make sense?
  13. The only bag I own that adorns a scarf is my Herbag to jazz it up a bit. Makes it more "me".


    Just have fun with it. Maybe bring in your bag at Coach and do a test run?
  14. that actually makes a lot of sense. thank you!!!
  15. Coach legacy scarf!