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  1. Hey you Balenciaga Addicts!

    Sophia here, leaving LV real quick for some Balenciaga questions!

    Do you think a guy could use a 05' Pewter Metallic Weekender?

    I would be using it too, but my brother and me travel together. Los Angeles, NYC whatever, wherever our agencies take us.

    So, let me know! QUICK!

    Thanks so much! :heart:
  2. Definitely... just depends if your brother is into the color...:yes:
  3. Haha, he is as straight as can be.

    But yeah, hes very artsy and bold with his style, well color choice. esp, when it comes to shoes!
  4. ^^Haa.. Than I say go for it!!
  5. are you looking at the one on eBay?! i wish i could get it, but i don't have any money :sad:
  6. YES!

    I am!
  7. YES. Pewter is sexy; for both sexes.

    Welcome to bbag heaven!
  8. Wooo HOoo Sophia~! :yahoo:glad to see you in this side of the tpf for a change! you lv scoundrel you! :p

    the weekender would be perfect for travel!
  9. I say go for it!
  10. Shure if he's rather artsy sounds great!
  11. Yes, for sure!
  12. Hey!

    Yeah, I have been to so many Chanel botiques and gone to see so many Balenciaga bags recently.

    I am not off the LV bandwagon, just taking a reststop real quick!

    I really need a travel bag, that me and my brother can use, and I dont really want a Keepall of any Vuitton luggage.

    I hope I can get this Weekender, if not Ill keep looking!
  13. it sounds like it would be perfect for both of your needs.. i hope you get it!!
  14. I think it be totally okay, but that also all depends on your brother style!... But if he can pull it off, why not.. it's sexy! keke
  15. Yay!

    I think thats what I'm asking for, for Xmas.