Do you think...

  1. Orlando Bloom is hott!!! Oh yah!!! :love:
  2. haha he sure is.
  3. He is one of the cutest guys IVE SEEN!!!
  4. I've never found him to be attractive - especially since I bet he would have made a beautiful girl if he decided to go that way.
  5. How could you say that!!!? He is sooo hot!!!
  6. He is a hottie, but I kinda see Chemlex's point.... he did make a cute blonde in Lord of the rings
  7. I'm not going to debate that he is an attractive person - I would lose that one.

    But personally, when I look at men, I like them to look like men. You are totally welcome to diss on the men I find attractive. They are Vince Vaughn, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Stuart Townsend.
  8. I think Orlando's too skinny a girlie. Sorry girls. He's not my type, but I do think Johnny Messner is cute. =)
  9. I like Orlando. But not too much...I liked Clive Owen when he did that movie w/ A. Jolie, I forgot the name...but he's cool.

    Orlando was very HOTT as an elf in LOTR!!! I wish he really had long blonde hair. :smile: Sans the ears. :smile:
  10. :nuts: Those guys are hot.
  11. I'm glad you agree, here's some hottie pictures (to help erase that picture of Lizzie Grubman that Megs linked to)

  12. Vince looks like a total cutie there. Jake is hot!!! :smile:
  13. :nuts: YUM
  14. Clive Owen YUM in Arthur, YUM YUM in closer! :biggrin:
  15. Who are those people?LOL!!! :P