Do you think you miss out if you have sex with only one person, ever?

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  1. I was wondering this as I read the sex/age thread, but figured this was a little OT, so decided to start a new thread. What do you ladies think? On the one hand, if you only have sex with one person, ever, that's pretty special. On the other hand, you don't really get to experience much. Back to that first hand, it's not like you know what you're missing. And the second hand again, you could be missing a lot. I'll keep my comments on my personal life to a minimum (reminding you ladies not to blame me, as my mother goes by cutestmomever here on tPF), but this was honestly something I was wondering about. I know quite a few people who married/are still with high school sweethearts and who will probably only have sex with that one person, not out of conviction that having multiple partners is wrong, but out of love and because to find experience they'd have to find other partners. Thoughts?
  2. I've only been with one person and I don't feel that I am missing out in any way. He is the only person I want to be with... also I never think about past situations in a "what if" context. My boyfriend was only with 1 other person before me and he constantly tells me that he wishes that he had waited until he met me.

    So I guess... to each their own..?!
  3. nah .. i don't think u miss out. but like sred said.. to each his own!
    .. i wish, once i'm married i could say that i've only been with my husband, but unfortunately that won't be the case.
  4. No...maybe it's different for some people, but as for me no I don't think I miss out.

    But then I buy one handbag and use it until the handles fall off or the zip breaks or something.
  5. Um, if my only one EVER was with my first, I would have sure as heck missed out. Awful, awful sex. If you gals are lucky enough to be with someone you love and have some good lovin' you're not missing out AT ALL. :graucho:
  6. The only thing I learned from having a few other partners before my DH is how great my DH is:graucho: All of my past sexual relationships pale in comparison so I'm truly a happy wife, he he..
  7. No I dont think you would miss out on anything myself.

    If you are with a caring considerate partner sex only gets better as time goes and you learn to relax more explore each other more.

    I am sad to say my husband is not my first but sex with him just keeps getting better and thats after 16 years.
  8. No! I love my boyfriend so much and would feel terrible with anyone else. I would not feel like I was missing out.
  9. I think it's more important to consider what life would be like if either/both of you lose your sexual drive and/or organs. Would you still love each other completely?

    That, in my opinion, is the true test of love. It doesn't matter how many or how few people you've slept with. If you can truly say you'd love someone no matter what, sex shouldn't matter.

    What is there to "miss out" on if you can experience love for a lifetime?

    That being said, I love sex anyway. :yahoo:But ya gotta think ahead. :smile:
  10. I don't think someone necessarily loses out by only having one partner. People know what feels good, and even a couple of virgins can figure out what that is. As long as both people are willing to please each other, I think it would work out. I am sure there are plenty of people who have had a lot of sex partners but are still inept at satisfying their partners.
  11. I think as long as you're satisfied with your sex life, then there's nothing to miss out on.
  12. I'm not one of those people that ever thought being a virgin til marriage is great. I am grateful for one particular serious boyfriend who taught me to be confident with my body and that sex is a pleasurable and natural thing. I had many hang-ups and bringing that into a marriage could have been really bad.

  13. I think so, but who knows... maybe if you're only with one partner, the two of you grow together sexually and it just gets better!
  14. I don't think you miss out by only having sex with one person, but I do think many people miss out by only dating one person. Now, obviously that isn't universal and many people make a wonderful life with the only person they ever dated.

    But, as witnessed by many threads here on tPF, many people are in relationships where they worry or are put down or are cheated on or feel uncomfortable. Lots of people never realize that love isn't about feeling sick to your stomach when your partner isn't with you! Lots of people never experience full trust and love and comfort with a partner and therefore don't even know it is possible.

    So I don't consider sex to be the important part. You can have excellent sex in a horrible relationship and that doesn't make it worth staying.
  15. I am currently dating my serious boyfriend from high school ..granted I just graduated college. We broke up before and I experienced other men, but not full fledged sex (TMI?..sorry:shame:

    ANYWAY :smile: I don't feel like I've missed out..I'm very satisfied and when my friends go on about all of their partners, I never get a twinge of jealousy...sooo

    Im going to say: depends on the person, naturally
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