Do you think you might be able to get a designer bag in Italy for under $300?

  1. It's just a simple question.......Can you get a really nice leather bag for under $300 in Italy? Would it be of better quality than what you could pick up in the States for about the same price? Obviously, it wouldn't be from one of the top end designers, however, I have a friend who will be traveling all around Italy and Venice for 3 weeks, and she offered to pick something up for me while she was there. I would be getting something "sight unseen" for around $300 American dollars. Do you think it would be worth it? I just was concerned about the quality of the leather.... Thanks for the input!!:P
  2. $1=0.78, basically about EUR.234

    you might have to shop hardfor hight end label. In florence, the outliet prices began at EUR300. although I picked up a small YSL bag that was EUR90 but turned oput to be EUR60 at the till. but that was the cheapest thing in the shop the bags with the muse-type handles were going for around £500. Same for thigs like Ferragamo.

    In 2005 I got a cute all-leather mandarina bag for EUR120. Strangely for MD it's a timeless design.

    You could look for vintage, depneding on where your are. My frined gort a vintage Fendi (that's looks like a speedy) for eur190, because she was buying more that one thing so she got a dicount on the total.

    However, if you want good leather over a designer label then EUR234 is enough money
  3. Thanks much, "MissThing" for your input. The thing of it is, is that I didn't want to be spending over $500 for something that I wouldn't even be picking out.....I would just be relying on my friend's judgement. She does know my taste in bags, but I would be relying on her to pick something out for me because I don't have the resources to go to Italy at this time, and she does. I didn't want her to be spending all her time on her vacation just looking for what I want, so I put a $300 limit on what I would like to spend. It's just a little more adventurous than spending the same amount on, say...a Coach or Dooney here.
  4. I just got back from Italy - Rome, Florence and Venice - to name a few and I couldn't find a bargain or a unique bag if my life depended on it. I had only one goal, get a new bag!!!! I failed. I think you will do just as well here as there, especially if you factor in the site's a gamble in my book.
  5. I doubt may get one on ebay but it may not be in the best condition.
  6. I used to foget the the Euro is stronger then the dollar so the it#s probably harder for Americans to pick up bargain than the Brits.
  7. how about a Furla or Coccinelle? the Italian prices seem better than the UK ones. you could also check the styles online and give your friend an idea of what you'd like.
  8. I agree with Missthing. Here in Italy you can buy good bags with 250 euros.
    Check online Furla, Coccinelle, Francesco Biasia, their leather is very good quality.
  9. I knew it would be a long shot, but I thought I would give it a try. Francesco Biasia is one of my favorites for the feel of their leather.
  10. ^ I think it's possbible to get an Italian designer bag in that price range, give it a try. =) I lose track of French/Italian bags (which is which). I agree with members about Furla's leather bags, I like them very much. I'm still able to get Longchamp's leather bags (Made in France) for less than $300USD.
  11. Hmmm......sounds like I might have a little hope after all!