Do you think you can be too old for a bag you love?

  1. I just love the cerises speedy, but I think I'm just too old! Ever feel that way about a bag?
  2. yes yes dh is going to get me the mc black aureilla mm and I questioned if it was too young...I usually see mc on the younger crowd but, love the cerise has well...the heck with age and go for what you love....go for it girlfriend....
  3. I think I just might - and put it up and tell myself I can't wear it until I hit 120!
  4. Absolutly not, never too old for anything you love! If you love it get!
  5. How old are you?
  6. A mom of a daughter in college!
  7. LOL! Well I'm only 26, but I sometimes worry that in 10-15 years I'll be too old for certain bags, so I better get them now, right? :graucho:
  8. You can definitely pull off the cerises speedy. Just don't dress younger than your age to go with the purse! It might be harder to pair with outfits, but just play up the red accent in your outfit. I saw an "older" woman (late 40's??) carrying the cerises bucket, she had on a red silky button up shirt and a brown suede pencil skirt. She looked HOT!
  9. Age is just a number, if you love the bag and you'll feel good carrying it, then why not? The cerises speedy is adorable, it's absolutely my favorite bag that I have. You just can't help but be happy looking at all those cute little cherries! Go for it! :yes:
  10. Age IS just a number, and style is everything... if it's your style go for it baby's momma...
  11. My daughters are always teasing me I dress too old, so I don't know why I like this bag. I'm generally really really conservative, khaki pants and cashmere twinsets, Ralph Lauren blazers and pumps. Why do I like this bag?
  12. I don't think most bags fall into an age category really. You should carry what you like and be confident (I like the cerises speedy!).
  13. If you love it & it'll make you happy...get it! :yes:
  14. I say if you like it thren go for it. AND since it is discontinued and you decide you don't like can always resell it and get your money back.
    I'm in ym late 20s and love it! My Mom is in her early 50s and even she thought it was cute!
  15. Yes, there are bags that I think may be too young for me.