do you think White MC pouchette worth the price $590?

  1. i like it, but just wonder it is worth the price or not
  2. I just got a used one from Let-Trade for half that price. I love the look and design but simply could not justify the price for a new one (for $300 more I got my huge BH). I did just buy an extender for it for $110 though (but can be used with other Pochettes as well).

    Check for deals on ebay or Let-Trade! :yes:
  3. No, it's not worth it in my opinion~
  4. i dunno it's awfully small. I would rather get a monogram speedy 25

  5. I did the same thing, got mine off Let-Trade and it looks great. Then my dh got me extender for full price though. I think that $590 is a little high for such a small bag. There are some great deals out there if you don't mind a used one!:heart:
  6. I got mine when it first came out..and then i got the black one as yah, imo not worth the full price! I bought the two under the premise that they would be limited ed. ..turns out they weren't and I promptly sold them for about 1/2 the price I paid. They are cute though!
  7. I do and I don't. I would LOVE to have them to put stuff inside them for my MC keepall. But it does seem like a lot of $!!!
  8. As much as I have always loved it, I don't think it's worth it at all. I agree with latinamodel and would rather get another speedy instead (azur perhaps :biggrin:).

    I still need to add it to my collection some day so I'd go with the second-hand route as advised by afcgirl and bgcutiepie00.
  9. I'd definitely go the second hand route too for such a small item. I have the black MC but I'm thinking soon I will get a white one too. I got the black one on eBay from a mypoupette reseller.
  10. It depends, how much does it cost at the store?

    I got a new speedy 30 with plastic on the handles for $575.

    It's for my sister's birthday :yahoo:
  11. I want it, but I thought it was $615, thought that's what it said on eluxury. I should wait for a good one at Let's Trade; but... it's very expensive, i agree, that's why i went with Shirley, more worth it for the money to me....
  12. i rather get a mono or damier speedy 25 for 5 dollers more!!!
  13. I have to agree that it's not worth it because you're not getting much bag for the money. Especially after the last price increase the MC pochette is really expensive for what it is. I agree with the girls that I'd rather get a mono, damier, or azur speedy for just a touch more money.
  14. ^ITA unless you really need a teeny pouchette for evening, etc. I would totally rather spend a little more and get a speedy.
  15. No i'd buy a used one before I spent that kind of money on such a small bag.