Do you think white furniture is OK for a boy's nursery?

  1. DH and I fell in love with a particular crib that's handpainted with a circus scene. This looks best on a white background. I was going to get a plain white dresser/changer, and then a glider in blue or green. However, I stopped off at Pottery Barn Kids yesterday to look at dressers, and I think the SA looked at me funny when I said it was for a boy's room. I was not looking at a girlie style, more at very plain pieces, so I thought it must be the white finish that made her think it was odd. I also noticed when I was looking at some online sites and using their suggestions that they seem to point more toward plain wood finishes for boys.

    I thought the white would be unisex as long as we accessorize and decorate it to be so, but now I'm getting nervous. The other factor is that it's not a big room - about 10x12, so I'd rather have it nice and light rather than darker wood. What do you think?

    This is the crib, btw (design will be customized a bit, but pretty much this): I just can't picture it with a different color background.
  2. That is so cute for a little boy. Why would a boy not want a nice bright nursery? The SA was probably stuck in a time warp.
  3. I think traditional white is for girls and browns are for boys, but, WHY? I think white is fine. As a matter of fact, my son's room is a mix of white and lighter color wood. My older son's room is in birch colored wood.

    My toddler's bed is a light brown with some white on it (bumper pads (toddler bed). He has a white craft table from Pottery barn with baby blue chairs, a white cabinet on the wall and the older pottery barn kitchen for "boys" that is blue and stainless steel with red accents. His toy box is light colored wood and his storage unit (from ikea) is light wood with blue and green and orange pull out containers. Carpet is that traditional road/train kids carpet from Ikea. For bedding he has a quilt made by me which is green and red and blue and white. For sheets he has some fire truck ones and some race car ones and some red plaid ones. NO ONE would say his room looks girly!

    I think the pottery barn white though is not a real white, but a creamy white. At least the Carolina set is and the shelves for it too.
  4. that crib is BEAUTIFUL, you can definitely have a white crib for a boy. plus, if you have more kids, you have a crib all set to go regardless of the sex.
  5. That crib is absolutely beautiful and would fit well in a boy or girl room!! I think there's nothing wrong with white furniture for a boys room - it's the accessories & other colors that either make it ' boy ' girl or neutral!
  6. LOTS of people buy white furniture for a nursery, not knowing the sex of their upcoming arrival. White for babies is gender-neutral, and I think your nursery idea is fabulous. Like you said, accessories can easily make it a boy or girl room, like a changing pad, cushions on the glider/rocker, a rug, a lamp or other wall decorations.

    I would have preferred white furniture for our nursery, but ours was a gift (and it was beautiful, so I am not complaining), so we had dark wood both for our boys and our girl.
  7. awwww, that crib is adorable! my son has a white crib because personally i dont like brown and white looks so clean and refreshing.
  8. I think white is perfectly okay for a boys nursery. As long as its accessoried gender specific it's fine.
  9. yes

    While I was pregnant w/ my DD I worked at a very pricey baby boutique and we sold our own line of baby furniture, Posh Tots also sells it now ;)
    I'd say probably 80% of the cribs we sold intended for boys were white or cream.
    Your crib is adorable and PERFECT for a boy or a girl!!!
  10. Thank you ladies! We were totally in love with this crib once we saw it. I've already sent them my order and credit authorization. 50% is non-refundable, so there's not much I could do about it now if you'd all said it was girlie! I hadn't even given it a thought till I got the odd look at PB. Don't know why I let that get to me, but I feel much better now. Whew!

    Swanky, was the line you're talking about the Magic Moon line that you mentioned earlier? We're still considering one of their dressers as a possibility.
  11. As long as you decorate the room for a boy, a white crib won't make any difference! Go with it if you love it!
  12. ^^:yes:
  13. yes most definitely. i think you should go for it-it's very lovely. i bought a white/cream crib for my boy too!
  14. My 1st DS furniture was white and I put navy linens mixed with baby blue and white. It was goregous. The white was so versatile I used it on my 2nd DS and then my two DDs. Good luck...
  15. I totally agree! It's a sweet crib and would work well for either boy or girl. I think any color crib could work for either gender. My son's furniture is black, which I love, but I also think black could work for a girl, as long as you have the right bedding and accesories, just like white for a boy!! Lucky little boy to have such a precious place to sleep!