Do you think we should do a new sticky***

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  1. :idea: This idea is from the Balenciaga forum: they have sticky's for the different colored bags. They're listed like: Post pics of your pink bags, Post pics of your green bags, etc. I think it's a great reference thread and especially now that all the fall bags will be trickling in. I think this is a good idea....what do you think?
  2. I'm always up for more bag pictures! Plus it would probably be cool to see how many different ways Tano has done each color
  3. ooo yes...i think that would be an awesome idea!
  4. Sounds like a great idea... does it end up being an entire bunch of stickies though or is it like one sticky thread that leads to more links?
  5. Sounds like a great idea!
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    (I'm trying to remember) I think they have a 'reference thread' and within that thread are the seperate color threads. But, we could just do sticky's for the different colors and skip the seperate reference thread.

    Here is a link you can check out:
  7. I'd prefer it like the reference library so that there arent 29304820428 stickies to scroll past every time lol! Such a great idea though!
  8. ^^Yes, you have a point there!
  9. That's a great idea. We need reference picture threads with just pictures and no chatter.
  10. I think stickying the different colors is a great idea.:tup::tup: Questions about the leathers should probably be too. Maybe even sticky the threads about the popular styles -- boogie bucket, minilisa, etc.
  11. ^^ Good idea. We should have 'Reference Guide' sticky on the main page of the sub forum, then in that one, we can have the color sticky's and the 'show us your Minilisa' , 'show us your Boogie Bucket' , and 'show us your Sex Bomb' forums. Maybe even a 'show us your vintage Tano's' forum. And I think they should only have pics only-no chatter.
  12. This is really something I was hoping we'd get.... we need two sticky areas:

    Tano Color Reference Guide
    Tano Style Guide by Year/Season

    Then inside there can be threads for the colors and year/style. All of them not for chatter, just for reference.
  13. Great Idea!
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    Actually...we need three stickies.

    Something like this:


    AND crap I forgot yellow....and metallics....sigh
  15. ^ Voo, I am always so in awe of how organized you are!!