Do you think WE are driving up the prices?


Oct 26, 2009
I undertand SUPPLY & DEMAND (too many hours studying economics without much passion, lol). Anyway, I've been scouting ebay & bonz and noticed that a number of bags are listed over and over but with different sellers. Of course each time the prices are a little bit higher. (Bags with stains are very easy to identify.)

I understand that for some sellers, this is could be their main source of income but after doing some basic calculations (minus fees, shipping, etc), I figured that they may be making about $20-50 profit average (I'm not counting Hermes or Chanel or the ultra expensive bags.)

So, are we driving up the demand therefore increasing the prices?


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
Welcome ratox! I would say 100% we are! If every single one of us on TPF alone (250,000) stopped buying, watch how fast the prices would drop!! I'm not kidding! But... it won't happen because there are too many of us bag obsessed buyers! 99% of the bags are made in China and I am referring to premier designer bags. This is where I draw the line. To me there is no difference between a Treesje bag and a Jimmy Choo or Marc Jacobs bag because the latter two bags are not entirely made where everyone thinks! So, if I tell you both bags premier designer and designer bags are made in China, do you still want to pay $400 vs. $1100? I don't and won't. I am very choosy what bags I buy for the money.

Do I still think they are worth the money? Yes and no. Yes, I am willing to fork over the dollars because I love the bag (which was made in Italy and my other in France). No because, unless it is made by hand by Italian artisans painstakingly, I can't justify the cost!!! I guess, we are our own worst enemy.;) I'm a bagaholic! The next bag I intend to buy will be a BV, (hopefully made in Italy).


Jul 28, 2006
Really interesting thought and I have to agree we are. Not just on evilbay though but everywhere. The Louis Vuitton Sprouse scarf was £325 about 18 months to 2 years ago and last time I checked it was £460; that's not inflation, it's a response to market! There is no answer though because we are not going to stop buying things we like. x