Do you think we are all spoiled snots?


Feb 1, 2006
Mmmm....I admit, I'm terrible with money. I make probably more than most people, but then again, I have lots of bills. I like doing things and a lot of times that costs money. Season tickets to football, concerts, trips, dining out every night, driving an Audi...having a gf and a son! But, I came from a mother that worked 2 days a week cutting hair and a father who works construction, so I know what living cheaply is about. I choose not to. However, I also volunteer a lot and feel that since I'm able to take advantage of our capitalistic socioeconomic system, that I should give back to the less fortunate who are required to be at the bottom to make this system work. Without them, I wouldn't be here. I mentor children at a local school. I work with habitat for humanity and I'm a member of the activities committee at work. We participate in the March of Dimes walk, Dreams Come True, and adopt families for the various holidays. So, no, I don't think I'm spoiled. I appreciate where I am in life and understand what it took for me to get here.
I love you.


Young at heart !!
Aug 27, 2006
United Kingdom
No - I don't think I'm spoiled. My ex comes from a third world country - so yes compared to him perhaps I have been spoilt not materially but safety wise as well (he grew up in a war zone).

My parents are reasonably well off but as I'm an only child I was never spoilt. My parents saw what happened to kids if they were bought everything - including cars etc. They didn't want me to to grow up a spoilt brat like them and wanted me to make my own way in the world. Everyone assumes that only children are spoilt but i know many people who have siblings who were a lot more spoilt than I ever was. I think this is the best gift my parents could have given me. They gave me a good education and have since told me they are proud of my achievements - which I don't think they'd have said if I'd been spoilt and just depended on handouts and other people's money. I am confident and independent - I've starte dmy own business, bought my own house/car/holidays. I know whatever happens in my life I can look after myself (obviously if I still have my health of course) and I don't have to use someone else's money or sponge off someone. I'm not spoiled and don't take material things for granted. I'm not greedy either. If I buy something it's because I've earned the money myself. When I got engaged it was the symbolic thing between us not how big my ring was. Same goes for my wedding dress/ceremony. People are too materialistic here and love, charity etc take second place. I've even heard brides crying because they can't get the "perfect" wedding dress. They should just appreciate the important things in life and not be so concerned with trivial things. I'm always a bit supicious if people go on/boast about money - I know I shouldn't perhaps but I view them as shallow and drop them like a hot potato.

I guess if you're really rich you just attract hangers on. That's why some people marry the people who knew and liked them before they got rich.

What is important are things like love, honesty, being a good person etc.
Oct 24, 2006
I might be "spolied" in some peoples eyes,but in true life im not. For some reason everytime someone see's another person (especially a young person,and they see them with designer gear they get a stupid impression of them being spoiled).I love designer things,all my life I have!,( I have been reading VOGUE ever since I was 7 years old, I have always had a great passion for fashion all my life). The way I get most of my designer stuff is by saving up,or my parents as a present. I do feel guilty that my parents have purchased me a couple of bags,but the most that I feel guilty is that my parents are spending 7k a year on my schools tuiton's,it doesnt seem alot but in the long run, my parents could be probably driving a brand new paid off Benz right now. All I can do right now is concentrate on my studies,get a scholarship,go to college,become a professional,and get a great paying job,and buy my own things. I already told my parents the that I do not want them to pay for my college tuition, I rather have them put that $$ in a retirement account for themselves when they are older, I am going to try to pay my college on my own,but if there are times that I need a payment my parents told me they wouldnt mind helping me. So I guess I am "spoiled by them",but I am pretty "not spoiled" when it comes to their money.
Same with me :yes: