Do you think we are all spoiled snots?


Oct 31, 2006
I remember when I was making 7.00 an hour and could never dream of spending so much on a handbag. I was lucky to have 75.00 left over from all my bills and what not. Now, it's crazy to think I lived that way. I went to college, got a good job, and I make my way. I always have money in my account now and have money left over to buy what I want. But sometimes I think that maybe I am too spoiled. Maybe I realize how restricted I was at that point. I have since gotten married, so of course we have two incomes now so we always have money left over. I have always dreamt of having a real louis vuitton and never in my life thought I would own one so in a way it's a wish come true. Do you think that we are a little too spoiled? I kind of feel spoiled in a sense, but in a sense feel like I have earned it. I look at families and women that have a big family and could never afford a real lv, let alone a wal mart purse. It's sad and I wonder how people get that way. Maybe I don't understand because technically I've grown up spoiled. I didn't have to work for my money up until three years ago, and now I am 25, so that shows how spoiled I have been. My first real job was when I was 21 or 22, so I dunno. But still I wonder because it is hard to earn money, and I had to learn the hard way!!
i didn't grow up spoiled at all. my parents came to the US from Thailand, with basically no knowledge of the English language... we had a lot of help from my relatives here, and the community at our church. our family of 5 lived in a 1 bdrm apartment in the early 80's. my father worked full-time during the day, and my mother stayed home with the kids... she also baby-sat the children of our relatives/family friends for extra income. it wasn't much, but we got by. of course, i don't remember much of this because this was before i was even in school. once all of us started school, my mother started working nights, so that there would always be someone home with the children (couldn't afford daycare, so it was the best solution at the time)... eventually, we moved to a 2 bdrm apartment in the same building, and a few years later, we moved into our own house in a safer, suburban area. i never had brand new clothes/shoes at the beginning of every school year like other kids did. they were only replaced when there was noticeable wear and tear. i never had so many board games, barbie dolls, or even my own bike (i had to share one with my sister). this was the life that i'd known growing up, and it was very normal for me.

i never really felt out of place until i started middle school and into high school. i started to be more self-conscious about having a certain image, and i wanted to fit in. i wanted to be fashionable/trendy and hang out with the popular kids, even though i was super shy back then. by the time i was 15, i started working part-time, at least 20 hours/week... i saved at least 75% of my paycheck, and whatever was left over, i'd spend on necessities and other things i wanted. i never asked my parents for anything, because i didn't want to feel like a burden. however, they basically handed everything to my older brother (in some Asian families, boys often receive preferential treatment). honestly, i'll admit that i spoil myself, but i also feel that the "luxuries" i provide myself were hard-earned.

i worked my way through high school/college. i even spent my summers/breaks from school working 2 jobs, but i was still able to keep up a social life with a handful of my very close friends. sure, there were times when i felt burned out, but i still appreciated the fact that i lived an opportune life. i still have relatives in parts of Asia, who aren't as lucky as i am. they all seem to think we're rich here, which isn't true, but we have a good life here. we have jobs, nice cars, a roof under our house, and are able to afford some luxuries others can only dream of. because of that, we often give back to our community back home. one of my aunt sets up donations for her orphans in Cambodia, where she grew up. she tries to visit every other year, and i always send some clothes and toys back with her. eventually, though, i'd like to go back with her and be more "hands on," perhaps even volunteer at an orphanage or something.

honestly, though... i think the majority of PF'ers are wonderful, hard-working, level-headed individuals. we just happen to love handbags, and it's a luxury we can afford, but i don't think it's something to feel bad or guilty about. i'm sure there are many people here that give back, and do what they can to help those who are less fortunate.
I do see where you're going with this point. I'm 21 and a poor student. I have to work all summer to save up for a purse but it's so worth it. At the same time I can't afford to be fickle and buy just any purse. I have to make doubly doubly sure that this is the one purse for me for the next 20 years. So I say if you can afford it then why not? But you dont' want to be spending all your money on purses that you don't have a roof over your head haha.
Wow! great thread!

Come to think of it, yes, I do believe that I'm spoiled ROTTEN! However, like you said, I think I deserve to be. My parents came to Canada from China, and back then, you MUST be supported by the government so that they'd fund you and give you scholarships; otherwise, no matter how rich you are, it's unlikely to get out of the country. So my parents were all notch the smartest kids in their time that's why they emphasize a lot on education and school for me. They spoil me in the sense that I can get whatever I want as long as it's related to LEARNING something, so I've been priviledged enough to have done a lot of sports, music, arts...etc. Although my family's doing really well now from where they've originated in China, they still retain this idea of material My parents don't treat themselves to luxury items, even though they can definitely afford it, so they don't support my LV obsession either.
So in a way, I think there are different types of being "spoiled", one is more of like...enrichment in life, whereas the other is purely the physical, tangible objects. Personally, I have a somewhat big ego, so like I said before, I deserve both types of riches lol. I may not earn a lot of money now, but I'm a rational person: I don't go after things that I know I won't be able to afford in the future. However, I let my passion for LV develop, cuz I know I'll have the resources to fund for it in a few years when I become a doctor. So my justification for my way of spending money is that I work HARD for it from highschool to university.
wow~ lots of readings in this thread :smile:
may be i am spoiled to have these LVs at this age...
but majority of these are bought with my own money~ so i think it's okay~
if my parents bought all these for me, i would feel very guilty >.<
they did spend a lot of money on me...especially my dad...very willingly~
that kind of make me dont want to spend their money anymore..
and i do have a job and a small business..mahaha
Thanks for sharing you guys....its nice to share in your stories...:yes:

As for me........I worked really hard and had lots of struggles....and now that I can give myself a treat every now and then...its like a boost for me.....

So I dont feel like its in any kind of sobbish way...but it sure can be interpreted as spoiling one self.....

Bottom line is that its only material things....I try not to give any meaning beyond that.....:shame:
I'm so spoiled, i was spoiled by my parents all my life because i was an only child. Then i met my fiancee when i was 16, moved in with him when i was 18 and have been spoilt rotten by him ever since. I sometimes feel guilty, i'm a student at the moment and my fiancee pays for everything, as well as funding my lv habit!
I live a fantasy life where i wear a big rock of an engagement ring, wear designer clothes and live in a huge house. I do give to charity, but i do sometimes feel guilty when i look at my closet full of expensive clothes and bags and think that the money iv used on it all could have gone to much better use.
The most ironic thing of all was that we grew up on welfare. I didn't have the best of things growing up, and we struggled to survive. And I can sit here and say that I appreciate what life has brought my way, because I'm proud of what I accomplished with what little I had to start with. I'm far from spoiled, because NO ONE has EVER spoiled me, but myself. I have a great job, and I work hard for what I earn, and I deserve the best. Knowledge is the key to life, and without that, no one will ever make it.
No.. I am not spoiled.. I went to college, went to work as an executive making excellent money paid my dues and now I am rewarding myself with the fruits of my labor:flowers:
I don't think I'm spoiled. I bought all of my LV's by myself. I bought my first one to celebrate earning my masters degree. I work very hard for what I have and I know I deserve it!
I might be "spolied" in some peoples eyes,but in true life im not. For some reason everytime someone see's another person (especially a young person,and they see them with designer gear they get a stupid impression of them being spoiled).I love designer things,all my life I have!,( I have been reading VOGUE ever since I was 7 years old, I have always had a great passion for fashion all my life). The way I get most of my designer stuff is by saving up,or my parents as a present. I do feel guilty that my parents have purchased me a couple of bags,but the most that I feel guilty is that my parents are spending 7k a year on my schools tuiton's,it doesnt seem alot but in the long run, my parents could be probably driving a brand new paid off Benz right now. All I can do right now is concentrate on my studies,get a scholarship,go to college,become a professional,and get a great paying job,and buy my own things. I already told my parents the that I do not want them to pay for my college tuition, I rather have them put that $$ in a retirement account for themselves when they are older, I am going to try to pay my college on my own,but if there are times that I need a payment my parents told me they wouldnt mind helping me. So I guess I am "spoiled by them",but I am pretty "not spoiled" when it comes to their money.
The most ironic thing of all was that we grew up on welfare. I didn't have the best of things growing up, and we struggled to survive. And I can sit here and say that I appreciate what life has brought my way, because I'm proud of what I accomplished with what little I had to start with. I'm far from spoiled, because NO ONE has EVER spoiled me, but myself. I have a great job, and I work hard for what I earn, and I deserve the best. Knowledge is the key to life, and without that, no one will ever make it.

Wow, I could have written your post word for word. So, I am just going to quote you. You articulated much better than I would have. :yes:
My first job was at age 15. I had to drop out of college because I needed to work more hours to support myself. When we first got married, we lived on canned soup and grilled cheese. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy and appreciate everything we have, not just my bags. We're luckier than most and I know that. It's easy to get carried away in the material things. Especially these beautiful handbags. Whenever we make a trip back to our hometown, I am always reminded of how hard we've worked. It's amazing to me how blessed I am. There's nothing wrong with having nice things. They just need to be put in perspective.