Do you think Walnut is versatile enought to wear with black?

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  1. Or would that be tacky? I wear a lot of black. Would walnut clash too much? TIA!
  2. Not at all!
  3. A rich brown against black is a great look-especially in the fall!
  4. I think the walnut and acorn are the two colors that literally go with everything.

    I also find that my sand hailey is very versatile.

    Definitely you can wear walnut with black!
  5. I have always worn black and brown together - love the combo. Walnut is so rich - it would work with practically anything, imo.
  6. Both are neutrals so will work together. I've always worn my brown leather bags with any & every color as brown leather is neutral.
  7. I wear black and brown together all the time. I think it would look great!
  8. Brown and black are a classic combination. It looks very chic.
  9. Its a neutral color .. goes with everything :biggrin:
  10. Not at all. They look great together. I wear a lot of Walnut with black.
  11. ITA with everyone ... walnut looks fabulous with black! I wear my walnut Maggie with black all the time and I think it looks pretty chic!;)
  12. Walnut is a rich, beautiful color that goes with EVERYTHING!! I am still on the hunt for a Walnut XL Hamptons hobo and will wear it all the time if I find one! :smile:
  13. Walnut goes with everything including black! I have a walnut gigi and looks great with black.
  14. I am SO glad someone asked this question! Thank you OP!!
    I still have not come up with a good outfit to wear my acorn Sabrina with...that's why I have not snipped the tags or wore it yet, or even decided to keep it (although my hubby loves it).
  15. I have a Walnut Hailey that literally goes with EVERYTHING! It's one of the few purses that I don't have to worry about whether it will match what I'm wearing. It's such a rich, gorgeous color. Definitely looks great with black. Go for it!