Do you think using "designer" haircare products really make a difference?

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  1. My hair has been really dry lately after a perm and I have been considering
    getting the Kerastase haircare range for dry hair.

    My question is: do you think designer haircare products like Kerastase, Redken etc really make a difference? vs drugstore brands like Loreal etc...
  2. Yes and no, because it depends on your requirements. If you use lines like Kerastase Ciment, which is for severely weakened hair, it definitely helps to bring it back from the edge.

    For me, Kerastase Masquintense is the most luxurious masque I've ever used and my naturally dry hair feels like silk afterwards. But there are excellent cheap conditioners out there, like Aussie 3 minute miracle, which when used with Frizz Ease hair serum, give me a good enough result that I can't justify the Masquintence the entire time.

    Bottom line for me: the luxury brands are consistently better, but not necessarily worth four times the price. The drugstore brands are more hit and miss, but if you choose carefully you'll be fine.
  3. Yes.

    After years of being a product junkie I have definitely found I get what I pay for.
    Specifically I find Kerastase and Phyto products to be the very best. Some Fekkai is really good too.
  4. ^^ I agree with Swanky.

    I :heart: Kerastase range. It's certainly well worth investing in decent hair care products. :smile:
  5. After years of trying everything under the sun I now only use Pantene. I didn't really see much a difference with the more expensive haircare products then again my hair doesn't have special needs.
  6. These days? :nogood:

    I've used pretty much everything under the sun from the cheapest to the ridiculously expensive and honestly, no, I don't see a difference. At least, not enough of one to constitute the exorbitant price differences. Drugstore products have come SO far since I was a teenager/young adult (I'm 35 now). Back then, yeah, there was a difference. But now, not so much.

    However, just like a lot of other things, I think purchasing 'luxury' or 'designer' haircare products is about more than just better quality. I think we all know that a higher price tag does not always equate a better product. That being said, when I want to treat myself, I'll go and plop down the money for a fancy shampoo, conditioner, or, as I did today, a lipstick and lipgloss.
  7. I think it depends which specific products you use. I definitely notice a difference when I use a trial size sample when traveling of something like herbal essences compared with my usual biolage ultra hydrating.
  8. I think it does to a point.
    If i use cheap sauve or VO5 in my hair it makes is brittle, but if i spend more on paul mitchell my hair is awesome.
  9. I use cheap shampoo, but nice hair mask.
  10. Nope, not at all.
    I've "bought it all" from Kerastase to Phyto to Aveda to Suave.

    My hair looks the best it's ever looked right now and I'm using Suave.

    Check out for more information.
    I've been an avid follower of hers for years-- she knows she stuff.

    Great post!
  11. YES
    good quality things come w/ a price, no offense to all drug store hair products, but Kerastase delivers well, if the price does not get in the way of your hair product budget...why not..Ive gotten hurtful comments on this issue but..Im the type who will splurge for quality bath items my body needs.
  12. If it works for you, I think that's great.
    I bought (and used) Kerastase several times and it just didn't live up to it's price.
  13. I don't know...
    I have tried Kerastase hair masks, and they DEFINITELY beat L'oreals and Nivea's, but I've also tried John Frieda shampoos, and they're pretty average.

  14. Yea , I have think curly hair. So I spend a little bit more on the hair mask which is totally worth the price. For example the Kerastase mask or Moroccan mask.
  15. honestly, my hair sucks if i don't use fekkai's conditioner. i can't brush my hair at all. it looks like a birds nest if i don't use it. shampoo is another story, i've used high end to cheap, and i can't find one single shampoo that does not make my scalp itch or flake. i've been using phyto and it seems to be helping but every shampoo seems to work until after a month and it just craps out.