Do you think twice before posting personal info, photos online?

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  1. I don't have a problem with posting pictures of myself because, as already mentioned, I leave my house and strangers see what I look like everyday. I can understand that some people are concerned with others misusing a photo but it just isn't a huge concern for me personally. There are zillions of photos online and I think the odds of someone stumbling upon mine and doing something untoward with are are equal or maybe even less than the odds of someone taking a sneaky shot of me on the beach and doing something with it. I don't post provocative pictures online and voyeur pics are pretty popular. I would probably worry about the guy in line behind me angling his phone under my skirt for a shot to post online before I would worry about someone doing something with pictures I've posted (which are relatively boring).

    I also don't post anything very personal. If I did then I would probably be hesitant to post pictures in case someone I knew irl stumbled upon it. The ways to search out personal information all involve knowing someone's first and last name and of course I would never post my last name. I just don't see a huge security risk in anyone knowing what I look like, my first name and the state I live in.

    I did put my name into and got pages of girls who were not me. I share the name of a very minor celebrity and a few porn stars so their hits will always bury my information.:lol:
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  3. One of my IRL friend's son has a my space page which he posted he loved getting 'Bl*w j*bs.' No, its not private. He graduates next month, his parents are freaking out about employers finding this. He does not have a common name, neither first or last. Of course his pictures are up too. With any luck, he'll become a professional BB player, most of those fans don't care.
  4. i don't post pictures of myself or anyone i know on any forum. i use facebook but only friends can access pictures and i don't have my year of birth on there. the thing i don't like about facebook these days is that if a friend comments on a friend's album that i'm not friends with i can see that album. if they don't comment then i wouldn't see it... either way i don't have very personal pics on fb or anywhere else.
  5. I know it's not remotely funny to his parents but that cracked me up. Stop the presses! A man who likes bl*w j*bs?!:wtf: I wonder what made him feel compelled to share that unique tid bit that makes him so unusual. I wonder if next he'll need to share that he pees standing up?:lol:
  6. Ok, I guess posting a picture where an child molester, or plain weirdo, can see your kid is so responsible. I'm not saying that about tPF members, but last I checked this isn't a private board. Anyone, even nonmembers, can see your pictures.
  7. I only put picture of myself up and my DF (with her permission of course). Any other time I have photos of my friends or family I ask them for permission, or I smiply blob off their face. Another thing I do for tPF is I upload using Photobucket and I have all the pictures I've posted on tPF in a special folder just for tPF images. That way if I ever need to delete all the photos I can simply delete the folder and viola!! Done!!

    And I hate that Facebook makes you put your full name. I only have one friend on tPF whom I'm really close to that has my Facebook (maybe 3 on MySpace), and whenever others find me through Facebook and request me, sadly I have to deny their request (sorry all!!) for safety reasons because I have a lot of photos of my family and our family children on my Facebook. I'm trying to be
  8. I couldn't careless if a child molester sees a pic of my child. Plenty of people see him everyday. Instead of being a chicken little, and making half baked judgements about people's parenting skils, I chose to educate my son on how to protect himself. Enrolled him in Jui Jitsu, gave him warning signs to look for, etc, so if he was approached, by anyone, from online or some random person on the street, that he'd know what to do.

    But, I do thank you for your concern ;)
  9. Woah...I think your logic train has derailed.

    Dozens, if not hundreds, of people will see any child in any given day. Seeing a baby picture online is not any different than someone seeing you push a stroller at the mall. There is *zero* inherent harm to someone merely VIEWING a child, whether it be in person or in an online baby picture. Zero. In fact, it's much more likely that someone would follow you and the kid out to the parking lot and attack you than that someone would see the picture online, track you down with little identifying information, fly to wherever you are, and actually be able to locate you.

    So, does that mean every parent that takes their kid to the grocery store or mall is an irresponsible parent and at fault if their kid gets molested or otherwise attacked? Of course not.

    I think some people get freaked out for no reason about the Internet when it really presents no incidence of increased danger over the real world. The danger presented by someone knowing your name or seeing what your face looks like is pretty much nonexistent - and it's something you do every day of your life without a thought in the real world. I'd say the people you see every day are much more dangerous. They, after all, have proximity to you.
  10. :goodpost: ITA, very well said.

    I think the media tends to blow things like Internet stalkers/scammers way out of proportion, to the point where people are worried about the wrong things. Nowadays people are more afraid of having their picture online than leaving their front door unlocked or walking down a dark alley.

    I guess people worry so much about the internet in general after hearing those stories about adults stalking or scamming children online thru Myspace etc. Well in the Megan Meier case for example, the cyber-bully knew the victim in real life...she was her neighbor!. She chose to bully Megan because she knew her (was one of her daughter's former friends) and she wanted "revenge" or something. The other recent Facebook internet scam was when an 18-year-old convinced several of his male CLASSMATES (people he knew IRL) that he was a female and "convinced" them to share naked photos of themselves and then blackmailed them with it. In both these stories, the crimes were committed against someone the perpetrator knew in real life to begin with. The internet was just a medium for the perpetrator to harm the victim(s).

    every day there are several rapes, murders, thefts, scams..yet the media seems to only focus on the ones that involve the internet, facebook, myspace, just to give the "scare" factor. Every day hundreds of people must get scammed out of thousands of dollars on eBay with fakes, item not sent, seller NARU, etc...never makes the news, as we all know. Yet when one guy gets duped into wiring a $1000 to Nigeria via a Facebook scam, it's all over the news. :confused1: I think the key issue here with internet safety is to just use common sense.
  11. i must also add though that i totally understand why some parents don't want their children's pictures online...i think usually safety is not the only concern.. it's also the issue of someone else using your photographs and making money off them. for ex. if you post a picture of your child then someone else uses it on their website and does not give you any credit, etc. it angers me to no end when i see people steal my photos and use them in their auctions etc..i can't imagine if someone did that with a child's picture.
  12. I still feel posting your child's pictures online is dangerous. Yeah, tons of weirdos and molesters probably live with like a mile of you. Why expose them more than they already are? I guess, it's important to some people to plaster pics of their kids online instead of worry about the chane of someone getting or harming them. That's really responsible. I'm so sorry for thinking that's being kind of iresponsible. ;) Because there are so many benefits to posting your kids pics on tPF or other publick onlike places. Like... Oh... Um, well, I guess there has to be some.
  13. You realize that this doesn't make a bit of earthly sense, right? A picture isn't going to help anyone locate a child, absent specific location information like a street name, that could live anywhere in the world. There's no "go to this child" feature on the GPS in my car. I don't know how you think that a picture is going to lead to some kind of assault. A simple trip to the grocery store is exponentially more likely to result in the same thing. The kid doesn't NEED to go to the grocery, so do you propose that moms never take their kids with them to the store?
  14. ^^^You do have to agree, though, as you clearly side stepped my last observation. There are no benefits to posting your children's pictures on a publick forum. So, why do it in the first place?

    As to answer your question, last I checked it's not good for your health to sit in a house all day and never get fresh air. So, I'm guessing besides hunger, that's why kids are taken to malls and food stores. I'm JUST guessing. Afterall, since I never gave birth, according to some members, I have no idea how parents think or what makes sense for a parent to do.
  15. What benefit is there to posting anything on a public forum. I haven't posted any pictures of my daughter on this forum but I have on another. They were vacation pictures and the thread was about my vacation so that was my reason. I'm sure everyone has their own reasons. How do you see it as a security risk? When my daughter was little she did some print modeling. Would that be in the same category as me posting pictures online? I know a lot of people feel as you do and I'm honestly just curious about the reasoning.