Do you think twice before posting personal info, photos online?

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  1. huh, i never really thought much about it. I only post webcam pictures which look like me but not really. I guess i am a lady with many faces. This makes me want to water mark the pictures i do have up. I would be a bit flattered if someone took one and pretended to be me. As for personal info.. i rarely give out my real name and i may give out my city that is about it.
  2. Not really. I feel like I know the line to not cross. I post pictures of my face often in the FOTD thread to show my makeup work, that's about it. I don't think anyone knows the specific town I live in on this forum.
  3. To be honest with you I don't have such an inflated view of myself to think that anyone would care. Like my pics, please save them on your computer and oogle. What do I care? Get over yourself! (Oh, and these comments are not directed to anyone specific in this thread that has posted...please don't take any offense. I am responding to the internet world!)
  4. MySpace and Facebooks pages are private and I only add people I REALLY know. I've posted pictures of me before, I never though about the consequences.
  5. I will say, I was on one of my car forums and was reading a thread about a teacher in Cali that molested a student. I went to look at the pics and they were of a girl I know. I let her know and needless to say, she was pretty pissed. But she did like it that all the guys on the car forum would have let her molest them ;)
  6. I get what you're saying. I think it's a privacy issue for most people and not anything having to do with self-importance or egos. I see it as controlling access to one's personal information, which once posted is pretty much out of our control.

    Unfortunately, they're private only to the average person. I hear it's not that difficult to get around those. Plus, websites like the one mentioned earlier,, search the social network sites and compile info from them.
  7. Only if it's something I'd be worried a coworker or family member might find and I wouldn't want them to see. I also wouldn't want anyone to figure out where I live. Other than that, I don't care.
  8. I have lovely friends here but I keep my facebook private for people I know from school or whatever.
  9. I've often wondered about this - whenever a "younger" person is the subject of a media story (because they went missing, were murdered etc.), the media seems to have pictures from that person's facebook page plastered all over the news almost immediately. I'm not sure if lots of people have really low privacy settings, or if there is a way around it for the media...and if the pictures include a number of people, it seems like they don't have any say in the matter either since their pictures then end up on the news as well...

  10. I've def. noticed that too. But then again, nowadays, media will literally find every single thing that can contribute to a story. Example: she stole a stick of gum from a friend when she was 10, and it all went downhill from there. Kwim? They just blow everything up as much as possible.
  11. This is the story from the link elizat posted:

    Woman Finds Identity Stolen On Facebook

    Experts Say Fake Profiles Easy to Make

    UPDATED: 8:55 am CST February 4, 2009

    MADISON, Wis. -- Privacy experts are reminding people who use online social networking sites like Facebook to be careful not to fall victim to identity thieves. An area woman recently found out that it doesn't take much to create a fake profile page on a site like Facebook.

    Gabriela Cezar, an acclaimed stem cell researcher, created a Facebook account about a year ago to network. But a search for the University of Wisconsin researcher today turns up two Gabriela Cezars. She said that about a month ago someone stole her name and picture and is posing as her.

    "On a more personal level, it's very uncomfortable for us to imagine people being able to access your information under a fake profile that you don't even know," Cezar said.

    Mike Masino, a security instructor at Madison Area Technical College, said that listing simple data like your birth date, phone number or, in worst cases, your address, is dangerous and can give imposters enough information to harm your credit.

    "If you do online banking, there's often a dropdown menu if you lose your password for information. There's a key word or something, usually it's a pets name or what school you went to or who's your best friend, (and) most people have all that information on their Facebook site and it's given out freely," Masino said.

    Cezar said she is writing a complaint to Facebook, which has a section for fake page complaints on its Web site.

    Experts said people who want to protect their identities on sites like Facebook or should limit the information they share on their profiles.Experts recommend managing privacy settings to block people from looking at your profile if they aren't on your friends list. Experts said people should only accept friend requests from people they actually know, adding that sometimes it's best to call the person and make sure they are the person on Facebook or
  12. I'm careful- I hope. I do have a FB but don't have much to do with it and I have a MySpace, but I keep that private. It really makes me angry though when bad apples make the fun stuff scary! Makes me think twice.

  13. This is why I never use my real date of birth and a lot of times I dont use my real last name either
  14. Well, I agree with both sides, but at least to me, I don't post pictures of myself, or anyone in particular. I do have a facebook, and myspace, however, I don't even use them anymore. The pic on myspace is very blurry and you can hardly really see me. I don't post any personal info.