Do you think twice before posting personal info, photos online?

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  1. fbook is restricted to friends, nothing person on TPF, and my blog is devoid of anything personal as well. can't be too cautious. people can be absolutely crazy.
  2. ITA with everything.
  3. I absolutely think twice.

    I used to not be so cautious, so there are likely pictures of me floating around somewhere that I really don't want on the internet.

    I recently took down my Myspace and will probably do the same with my Facebook account, although it is private.

    I'll post body/outfit shots on my blog, but I make sure to block out my face. I follow a lot of blogs where people post tons of pictures of themselves (in addition to stating their city/state of residence). That just seems too risky to me.

    Last week I found this site: I recommend you all type in your name to see what comes up. It searches all the social network sites and compiles them and, for $1.99, anyone can get personal information about you. I'm not sure if it'll show info if your profiles are set to private, but either way, it's a humbling reminder that you shouldn't have too much information about yourself on the internet!
  4. I am so far behind the times. A friend of mine got me on to Facebook yesterday, so I've been adding a few things and I couldn't believe the networking going on out there. It is such a bittersweet thing because it keeps you in touch with people you haven't seen or talked to in ages and yet there is a lot of personal information floating around out there for the world to see. I'm going to keep my Facebook for just a little while to see how it goes. It is a little unnerving.
  5. I don't post personal information or photos online. I am not on Facebook or any other social networking site. This frustrates some of my friends & family, but I purposely make myself difficult to find online & IRL. I have had my fair share of obsessive people in my life, so I'm not too anxious to put myself out there. I'm relatively private IRL as well - it takes a while to get to know me. I just don't think it's that important for acquaintances or the general public to know anything about me. I keep in touch & share with the people who matter to me.
  6. Thanks for posting this info. That website is pretty awesome, and I believe it searches more than just social networks, as it provides info based on public records and contracts, among other sources, not just what you post for others to access (like on myspace and facebook). I've never posted my name, address, phone number, date of birth, college info, name of relatives anywhere, yet because of utility contracts, postal records, phone records, ISP contracts, job websites, online accounts, etc., it's all out there. And that pisses me off to no end.
  7. You can easily adjust your FB privacy settings to allow what and how much information is seen by whom. It's easy to do. You can block things like your town, education, job info, etc. It might make you feel better to do this.
  8. I've posted my photo before here on Purse Forum, but that old photo thread was deleted after some of our pictures appeared on another forum where guys alternately oogled at us or made fun of us.

    I don't hesitate to put my pictures up on Facebook, etc., but I am no longer really willing to share my picture on a forum.

  9. which forum? They are jerks!
  10. ^^^^^^
    It was a looooong time ago. Sorry, shouldn't have brought it up. Not really a big deal. It certainly hasn't happened since.
  11. I'm very cautious about posting personal info.
  12. I really don't care. I mean, I live in a rather large town, so who cares if people know what I look like? People can take the pics and do what they want. I don't care.

    I just don't understand how posting a pic of yourself is somehow compromising your privacy. Like it's been said, people walk around everyday and see your face. What does it matter if people see it online??
  13. Doesn't really bother me. Some people on here know my first name and some know the city I live in and school I attend.

    I did have a weird thing happen that freaked me out though. I used to have a blog and someone, somehow used my username to track me down to my current school and email. It was a bit spooky!
  14. I sometimes dont think about it enough. As far as posting photos online, well, I dont really care about that, no biggie to me.
    I also have a MySpace thats not private.
  15. Ditto:tup: