Do you think twice before posting personal info, photos online?

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  1. With the Internet--email, forums, blogs, etc.--and digital cameras, sharing info has become easier and quicker than ever. Yet, once it's out there, there's no way to get it back and stop it from spreading. Privacy has become a huge issue. What do you think about posting personal info and/or photos of yourself and your family (especially kids) on TPF and elsewhere?
  2. Yes, absolutely. I don't have any photos of me on tPF and don't post identifying details about where I live or what I do. I also stopped posting my purse collection.

    I block my Facebook profile and pictures so that only friends have access.

    Shimmapuff has a great thread somewhere on personal privacy on the Internet. I'll see if I can find it or perhaps she'll come by this thread to post.
  3. Yes I do! I'd never post my kids pics, but will post myself occasionally.
  4. No. I have never thought about doing it even once.

    Nor have I ever thought about walking through the public streets wearing a t-shirt with my address and phone number printed on it.
  5. I'm just amazed, sometimes, at what seems to be a lack of boundaries or sense of privacy based on what I see people posting. I'm not saying posting personal stuff is right or wrong, good or bad. I'm just wondering how others feel about it given how differently people seem to manage their privacy.
  6. I don't post photos of myself or people I know ever. I will post pet photos though... I also don't do facebook or myspace, even though I know a lot of ppl do. It makes me very uncomfortable. There is enough data out there already- once you know my name and google it, the first thing that comes up is where I work. I can't stop that, but refuse to voluntarily put more info out there.

    I don't have a problem with saying the general area where I live though, because it is a fairly large area.
  7. I try not to post "clear" photos of myself...the photos I've taken of myself modeling certain clothing items have my camera in front of my face...and although my avatar is me, I don't think it's that apparent. I am a little leery of posting pictures of myself, friends etc. and while it's nice to see what our tfp friends look like...we do need to remind ourselves that it's not just the "nice people" who are viewing these threads. I also don't have a facebook account since the whole thing skeeves me out.
  8. I know! I have about 6 google pages (not a lot - but enough considering I'm not a celebrity:P) from my work and the first few links have past projects with my phone number, full name, business name and if you click on images...there are my's a little creepy when you think of how much people could know about us just by googling our names!
  9. This reminds me of how a couple of months ago I found out that my brother had posted a bunch of photos of himself on Facebook, among which there were a few of me with him. I was not happy. So I--nicely--asked him to remove the ones with me, explaining that I don't want photos of me or my life online. He was cool about it, and I did allow for two photos to stay up because of paintings (by him) that he wanted to show. I also didn't look like me on those, so I said "fine."
  10. ^I think it's good to be a little vigilant about it...some things we can't avoid (e.g. our work lives being plastered on the internet and media), but if we can avoid the "personal stuff" from getting out, it will probably protect us in the long run :smile:

    As much as I love to look at pictures of Kim Kardashian for style inspiration...I couldn't even fathom living a life like that where you are constantly followed and photographed and gossiped about...although it all seems "glamorous", it has to take a toll on celebrities.
  11. Yeah I dont post pictures of my face online, from the boobs down is ok though (well as longs as everthing is covered lol) I dont mind about the state though because there is ALOT of people in NJ. Also I dont think I ever use a real name when signing up for things. I have a few fake names I just fill in when signing up for certain things that will probably spam me or that I dont intend on staying on it for a long time.
  12. I don't really mind posting pics & info, but I do know where to draw the line.

    I've seen people on other forums give out SO much info it's ridiculous like if they bought a new house they'd post the real estate link to it.. then everybody knows where they were moving to!
  13. No, not really
  14. I won't post pics on a public forum like this. I do post pics on a very small forum (with about 5 or 6 regular contributing members). My facebook profile is private and am only facebook friends with people I actually know in real life.
  15. I try to be as safe as possible. I'm not that worried about pictures only because I go out in public... I don't cover my face up with a paper bag or anything. So what I look like is not a secret and now as much of a big deal to me. But I'll never really post any information regarding where I live beyond saying: Miami, Florida. Good luck finding me.

    I have my MySpace and Facebook pages private and can only be seen by my friends, all of which know where I live either way. I don't post where I work. I don't post my specific class schedule. I dont give out my phone number and/or address. I hope I'm being safe enough with that.