do you think trapeze tops and babydolls are still in fashion?

  1. until next year? coz i'm planning to get more especially it's cheaper this time of the year (the short sleeves and sleeveless ones)
  2. I don't seems like things are going to be more fitted soon. But by all means, if you love them, get them! I love trapeze tops and I will be wearing them next Spring/Summer!
  3. I think the trapeze tops are a little maternity-chic. I think that fashion will swing towards fitted. Tops and jackets may still have some volume but in a more fitted context.
  4. Trapeze and baby dolls is not out, just make sure you get the dress with the key 2008 trend tied in. (E.g.):

    For sporty chic; go with short shorts under it.
    Feminine; choose one with ruffled edge
    2008 colors; neon or neutral / nude
    2008 looks; artclass / safari /ombre /tiedye...
    boyish; wear it with a vest
    lingerie; layered a laced cami or even a laced bustier etc...


    Remember that we can "love" and not "give up" on a look we absolutely love by focusing on something that is "IN trend" by accessories, in the 'IN" color we pick or the style (like the ruffles / prints mentioned) that is trendy.

    It is all in the ability of how one is able to pull together the out-fit to enhance and show that trend.
    (how do you think most fashion designers do it but by being able to "pull to" the trends with their own pieces)

    Good luck! ;)
  5. I think people will still wear it a lot next year.
  6. I just ordered 2 new Rebbecca Beeson trapeze tops so I'll be wearing them.:yes: Loose tops are so much more comfy than fitted when it's hot. I'm spoiled now, it would be very hard to give them up.
  7. They won't be cutting edge fashionable next year, but I guarantee you a ton of people will still be wearing them (myself included).
  8. old navy has some trapeze tops for $5 and it's sleeveless =) but i'm saving up for my trip to orlando and will hit the outlets =)
  9. :yes:
  10. I'll be wearing minds
  11. me too!!!!:yes:
  12. I'll be wearing mine as well.
  13. For sure! A lot of items that come into style stay stylish just not TRENDY. So while you won't look like you stepped off the runways, you'll still look very chic. I would just pair it with things that are more appropriate for the season.
  14. I agree with what lolita said (love your username, btw.. LOVE Lolita!) and also wanted to add that if these styles look especially wonderful on you definitely wear them, you know? Part of being well put together and stylish is wearing what looks great and suits YOU, rather than just what is specifically ININ at that very moment, yeah? :smile:

    I'll certainly be wearing them, they've become a part of my personal style!
  15. I'll wear ANYTHING that will camoflage my humongous gut! lol. So yes, I will be wearing trapeze and babydoll tops. Even after the fashion pendulum swings the other way and fitted comes back in, I will still be wearing loose tops til the cows come home!