Tory Burch Do you think tory burch looks good on me?

Thank you, yeah I hope I can as well and if I send some pics of some tory burch shoes I own could you help by saying what could go well with them?

Sure, but I think it is more that you might want to do some basic reading and work with body type and what styles help you create a long/lean look (that's the usual goal in dressing).

Once you understand your body and how to dress for it, then integrating the flats will be easier.

I know you have a lot of lovely bright colors--so it's more that you need to figure out what sort of cut of clothes works best for your body, and then work on colors that flatter you and then work on integrating the shoes.

For example.

She shows a "slouchy" trouser.

Let's work with the one above for discussion's sake and your bright turquoise flats.

That trouser with a white or taupe tee and a coordinated unstructured jacket would slim you down and create a longer look.

Put a fluted or folded pocket square into the jacket that matches the color of your shoes (here is an example of one, but you could get anyone. Hermes pocket squares are gorgeous and one could potentially have all the colors of your flats in one scarf (see below).

That brings the color "through" your outfit.

Then, you can also add a masculine bracelet of a similar pop if you want:

THat yurman is pricey, but you could find something else.

The idea is to weave color through your body..


Or Hermes

Here is my most worn tort burch in the last couple of years

View attachment 5703805

The colors are good on you!

The issue with this outfit I think is that the jeans and the shirt fitted snugly are too much of a snug look.

The rule (at least for women) is to have if tight at the bottom, loose at the top, and vice versa.

What happens with this outfit when you add an unstructured dark blazer?

What happens with this outfit when you swap out the pants for something slouchier? Or slightly longer?

Or if you swap out this shirt (perhaps buttoned up more to your taste)

I encourage you to read Brenda Kinsel's book to get started and then you can figure out body type.
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Oh ok thanks, yeah I loved that look and I'll use all your advice thanks and what is your favourite look if me in ballet flats then?

I don't have a favorite--it's more that I think you could change your knowledge about silhouette and integrate more. In so many outfits the shoes don't mesh with the clothes and that is a proportion, color, style thing. The Tim Gunn series (and his first book) is excellent for learning about proportion, too.

This outfit above is of better proportions (e.g. not tight on top), but the high contrast is challenging. It could benefit from some chunky accessory. A giant blocky pendant with leather or a chunky men's watch.

The picture of you in a light blue shirt and white pants with I think blue flats? The white pants are a good pant for those flats. But the top is more "sporting wear."

Also the jeans with the red flats look great, but the sporting athletic jacket doesn't work as well. But the bottom of those jeans seems to work (you're sitting down in those photos).

I guess that is what I see in your outfits—like standard guy casual wear with these flats and I think if you could dip your toe into a different "tone" of clothing, you could tie things together more (e.g. there is a big gap between "men's causal althletic wear" and the style of the Revas).

Also, because you are a bit blockier on top, the very tight jeans to a point at the ballet flat, is more "carrotish" and not as good a proportion on you as other looks, though if you want to wear the pants tighter at the ankle, you might benefit from a different way to wear things on top -- or to add accessories to break up the look.

With this look, try a chunky long pendant (but get one for men, that is long enough and has a more ruggedy sort of mixed look)
Sort of this vibe? Or string something you like on a leather strap. These are just vibe ideas.

A lot has to do with your personal taste...

Or find a Tory Burch piece you like (this would work) but it's too short. You'd need at least 34-36" - you could rework it and run the medallion on a double leather knotted strap, make it look more rugged.

You could wear those white jeans, with the red or dark flats and that cabana striped shirt, "French tucked" in the front with your Tory belt and that would be cute. Add an unstructured blazer in a flax.. could be great!
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