Do you think toile will mold?

  1. or mildew...?

    In a very very humid environment? Its a year round thing, we get 200 inches of rain in this part of Alaska. I dont have climate control in my closet. This is why I keep letting these toile bags get away. Maybe I am imagining the worst??

    What do you think...

    Let me also add that leather molds here, in sleppers or out of them. Even my "SF pants" molded in their garment bag. I can get it out of most things, but sometimes it doesnt come out of fabric. My beautiful buttery leather sofa got a bad batch in the back, and it did stain it....:crybaby:

    I check my bags and put the silicone packs in their boxes. But if toile got stained, it would break my heart.

    Please dont think I live in a moldy mess of a place. But it does happen. And with a vintage toile bag, I think it would be a tragedy.

  2. get the bag (my spidey-sense tells me this isn't a hypothetical query) and spray it with desenex or lotrimin or one of the other athlete's foot sprays every so often.
  3. oooh...I wonder if you're looking at what I think you are....

    I bet it would not mold, especially if you use it regularly. If anything, toile is stocked more often in Sunny/Humid climates since it could be used year round.

    Could you wrap the silcone packs in something like tissue paper?
  4. :graucho:
  5. Its also the "using it regularly" part I worry about....

    I am in a full blown tizzy.
    Thanks so much for the great suggestions!
  6. no, really! i use it on my tack in the worst part of the summer and it definitely keeps the mildew at bay. the ones i've used just smell sort of powdery -- not like medicine.
  7. I am definitely going to try this, going to Walmart later to get some. It sounds brilliant!

  8. :yes: That's a great idea DQ!

    :graucho: And CB unhypothetically speaking I think you should go for it!!!!
  9. CB, my place mould like no body's business over here. Granted I live in a high humidity place, but my previous place is not so bad.

    Leather shoes/belts, out in the open - aired, within 1 week will turn mouldy. EVEN CD covers also turn mouldy over time. :shrugs:

    Walk-in storage has a dehumidifer that is turned on 24/7, my bags, all in sleepers and also turn mouldy - even the long champ pilages bag (fabric). Hardware tarnishes, my LV locks became bronze/brassy.

    We love the current place where we live, where else in this concrete jungle (singapore) We get to see squirrels in the morning (outside my kitchen windows) :love:

    Unless you are willing to use the bag very regularly, than get the bag. Oh if this is about *that bag*, I love it, it has light toile, can/will you be able to use it regularly? Do a bag rotaion - If yes, than get it. :heart: and get a dehumidifer? heheee :idea:

  10. DQ: thanks for the tip, I will try that on some fabric bags.
  11. I just love you guys.....

    I am really worried about it getting stained from it. I dont mind cleaning my bags, but if the unthinkable happens.....

    How will I face you all??

    ....must think....must think.....aaaargh!!!
  12. :heart: :heart: :heart: Thanks CB!

    Good thing I am on that strict scarf ban, eh??~~
  13. That is not something I would have thought of...but, it does make sense.
  14. CB - can go mouldy, but if you do what the others suggested, you could probably overcome it.

    I have a friend "up north" of where I live (ie: tropical) - has a Herbag that went all mildewey in one corner....but *cringe*...she WASHED it....and claims it's OK!!
  15. Maybe you'll just have to settle for a croc:graucho: I hear they love humid climates....:p