do you think tis is a real coffer

  1. now no this is not authentic thanks to you guys, i have asked for full refund, even tough this purchase was in feb 07.
    im so angry,, £400, wow, i will let you know what he says,
    thanks again
  2. hopefully you will get your money least some of it..better than nothing
  3. sadly, nothing, seller wont answer emails, and paypal closed the case as it was over 45 days ago,
    no where to go now, so i shall just learn from this,
  4. Same thing happened to my friend with her Coffer from a seller named 2earthangels. Really makes me mad that these creeps can sleep at night after taking people for hundreds of dollars!!! :mad: So sorry this happened to you Lisa!!
  5. By the way, what is the name of the seller? Maybe it will be helpful to others who may come across her listings. You know, I think that her name can be added to a list on the eBay forum of sellers to avoid as well. ;)