Do You Think This Will Be Too Hard To Keep Clean?

  1. What a beauty bag. I love this - it's not screaming stark white - it's a soft chalk white and I love it.
    I'm scared of the color. Not really so much the main body of the bag, but more like the edges....the little areas like where your hand goes - or the edges of the bag...the bottom corners....
    Should I just jump off the cliff and order it for $395 or skip it?
    I really love it....I'm afraid my love will overcome all rational thinking....HELP!
    MO-5M043174VAN-2.jpg MO-5M043174VAN-6.jpg MO-5M043174VAN-7.jpg
  2. It's beautiful! BUT, I bought a Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo in Chalk this year, and carried it very few times and it got dirty. And the luvnmybags cleaner didn't work, nor did baby wipes or magic eraser. So I now steer clear of white....but it's gorgeous!
  3. I say go for it!
  4. I have a Lockheart in cream and I pack her everywhere with me, I normally have her out an about a couple of times a week, and she seems fine, no marks, at least not yet - knock on wood.

    It's a pretty handbag, and you probably will just add it to your rotation to keep her fresh.

    If you love it, you will keep her looking pretty.
  5. i have this bag in Cappucino which is made of distressed off-white leather. i clean it with pencil eraser and it works wonders.

    i think the bag is made to look worn and broken in, so i'm not really that concerned about keeping it clean.
  6. It's beautiful but I'm scared to death of white bags. I have enough to think about without having to worry about my bag every second!
  7. I think it depends on how careful you are, and how much you plan to use the bag. If it's going to be your everyday bag for a long time, I would probably
    pass on it, if it's going to be one bag in a bag rotation, I would go for it, it's
    really pretty!
  8. I have the Coach Legacy Satchel ($600)...It is ivory...I LOVE it but have to say my dark denim jeans have rubbed off on the one corner. So if you plan to carry it by the shoulder, no problem but if by the handles watch for dark denim. I talked to another gal that had the same problem with an ivory bag...but I would do it again as I LOVE my bag~!
  9. I love it! I say go for it! :tup:
  10. if you want it as an every day bag i would say no. I have a few white bags ( none of which are "designer"), and i like them all but they all got dirty. I am always thankful they are my less expensive bags and not my nicer ones that get dirtied up.

    with that being said--if you think you MUST have it, you only live once!!
  11. That's a beautiful handbag! As others have said, though, I don't think it would be good for everyday. I am super careful with my pale colored handbags b/c it's impossible to keep them pristine along the zippers, closures, corners, handles, etc. if they get a lot of use. I save them for special occasions.
  12. I have a MbyMJ Faridah hobo in chalk and carried it all last spring and summer without so much as a smudge of dirt. I was relatively careful, but didn't baby it. It has a thick pebbled leather which can take a beating even in a light color. I really think picking the right white leather is key.
  13. I say jump off the cliff and go for it since you love it :yes:
  14. Anyone else? Thoughts??????
  15. I love the style but I can't do white since i am a clutz and I'd worry too much about getting it dirty.