do you think this tiffany ring has any resale value?

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  1. an ex bought it for me, and now that i wear my engagement ring on a daily basis i really have no use for this ring. do you think it has any resale value at all? or am i better off giving it away to a cousin or something as a gift? it's just slightly worn. i'm really not sure what to do with it.
    0114 056.jpg
  2. Is it diamonds? I can not completely tell... but either way, of course it would have value :yes: Tiffany's resells well
  3. megs, i think it does look like it has diamonds on it. yeah, tiffany does resell pretty well for sure! you could probably just get it cleaned and polished and have that puppy sell pretty well. is it white gold? platinum?
  4. Definately - tiffany has great resell value!
  5. I am sure you can sell it....
  6. Should get at least what you paid for it.
  7. it's platinum with pave diamonds. he had originaly paid $2K CAD for it. But, where would I be able to sell it? consignment? pawn shop?
  8. if you have papers authenticating it or the receipt, take some really clear photos and try eBay. your other option is to find a jeweler who will take it it trade (but not just for the stones/platinum weight because you won't get much) it's the name that makes it saleable.
  9. I THINK i may still have the receipt, but I guess other than going by the engraving on the ring, there's no other ways of authenticating tiffany rings right?
  10. I would go to Tiffany and see if they could pull up yours or your ex's (depending on whose name it was purchased under) account history. All purchases at Tiffany (even online I believe) are recorded in their computer system. They were able to pull up a transaction for a necklace for me that an ex had bought 4 years ago :yes:
  11. Oh i see, that's great. thanks. i just want to get rid of the ring. any amount i get from it i'm happy with. hopefully i will be able to sell it. thanks.
  12. it looks pretty, i would buy it :smile:
  13. why not contact They sell authentic previously owned Tiffany.
  14. oh, never heard of it. i will check it out. tks.
  15. pawn shop will give you about 500$ for a consignment store will you give 10-20% of what it sells for.