Do you think this ring is for the very young only?

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  1. What do you think about this TOUS ring and its bear? Do you think it’s kind of childish? I’m turning 40 soon. I know you should wear what you like, but I want opinions nonetheless. Thanks!

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  2. I am FIRMLY in the “wear what you love” camp. However, because you asked, I wouldn’t wear it because, to me, it gives off a Hello Kitty vibe that is decidedly younger than I am. I actually find the bow more limiting than the bear, myself.

    BUT, wear what you love! Betsey Johnson has always done young whimsy and it has worked for her at all ages.
  3. Thank you for your honesty!
  4. While I do think this ring is quite on the 'fun' and 'girly' side, I don't think you can be too old to wear anything.
    If you like it and you want it, and it goes with your general style and your other accessories, then I'd say, BUY IT!
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  5. I intend to use it as a fun summer ring, but I’m not sure if next year I’ll be “what was I thinking!” :’D
  6. For me, it's what the ring will be paired with.

    A 'young' looking printed/logo tee shirt, ripped jeans, bright sneakers, bright plastic sunglasses, and this ring - Nope. Too much!

    A good quality, solid color shirt (tee, button down, whatever), with nice non-ripped jeans, good shoes, and this ring - Yes! Then the ring adds a touch of fun and whimsy - which I love.
  7. I have this exact ring and I'm over 40 and not a girly-girl AT ALL. It a whimsical fun little piece that I get a lot of compliments on. I wear it to client meetings, the office and on weekends - it doesn't look like a kids ring at all once it's on your finger - it's actually quite nice.. I was trying to dig up a picture as I wore it when I was on a panel for a recent conference and I paired it with navy pants, a navy v-neck blouse and a camel colored long cardigan.
  8. It's for everyone! If you are 90 and can rock it.....rock on!
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  9. I'm a HUGE TOUS fan and I just love all TOUS rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets - I have so many bear items and I'm turning 44 this year haha. I think it's not childish at all and this ring in particular, offers more than just the bear :biggrin: I'm going to have to look out for this ring in the future :biggrin: Thanks for putting it on my radar :biggrin:
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  10. I love this ring! I’m over 40 and it would never have occurred to me not to wear this ring. I think it’s absolutely perfect.
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  11. I decided not to buy it because I’m traveling in 2 weeks and I always try to buy jewelry that will remind me of the trip (and take a new bottle of perfume so I’m reminded of the trip too when I wear it again :smile:). If nothing strikes my fancy when I’m abroad, I think I’ll return and buy it.
    Thank you for your opinions!
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  12. Love TOUS! I’m wearing my TOUS world pendant today. I just wasn’t sure about the ring

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  13. Yay for a fellow TOUS lover!!! We're a rare breed :biggrin:
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  14. I’m turning 40 this year and I would totally wear that! Probably not to work, but definitely for a girls’ night, a date with my husband, out with my kids, or anything fun! Like many others, I’m in the “wear what you love” camp. Do let us know if you end up getting it later on!
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