Do you think this purse suits a mother who's 50?

  1. Do you think this purse suits a mother of 50? I don't see why a woman of any age couldn't wear it, but wouldn't mind some (strong) opinions. Thanks!

  2. I think you could deffinatly wear it.
    It is not too young looking at all!
  3. Sorry, but I'm over 50 -- and I think this purse is too young and too funky looking. Not stylish enough! Style is everything. Sorry.
  4. Depends on your mother's personality, really. However, speaking as a 51-year-old, I don't go for it, sorry.
  5. I can't say I much like the bag, but I don't think it's too young for you (and I'm over 50)
  6. depends on the women style. i don't think age is teh most important factor
  7. I think it would definetly depend on your style and if your clothes go with it. I think a lot of older women (not to say 50 is old!) suit more structured bags simply because its more dressy and goes with the type of outfits that they wear. However, if your style is more relaxed then this bag would be fine. I dont think its about the age in this case rather the style.
  8. Why not!
  9. As a 51 yr. old I would go with something of more style and interest. Nothing about that bag jumps out to me and says....'carry me'.

    It is all about personal style and what YOU like, not what we like.
  10. I don't think it's too young, but I'm not loving it!!
  11. I think it depends on the person's style more than age - look at Susan Sarandon! I can see her carrying this. Some people prefer more structured bags etc. I am 38 and I have slouchy bags and structured bags - it just depends on my mood.
  12. You could carry the bag but as others have said it is not particularly stylish. I think there are nicer bags around.
  13. Me either, me either, and me, too.

    I think you would have to have a bag with cartoon characters or little hearts or God help us all, horrid little bears, before anybody could really say it is "too young looking."

    And then it would be "too young looking" for people over 12, not people over 50.

    If you like that bag, rock it! And even to people like Kathy and me, who might not pick up the bag for ourselves, you will look fabulous, precisely because you DO like it! It's an immutable law of wardrobe physics.
  14. I would agree with what ShimmaPuff said, most definitely, and also what others have said about this being a personal style issue. I would carry this bag - I'm 47, close enough to 50, but then I'm an artsy unstructured person. I carried a nice structured Coach to an art fair once and was NEVER so insulted as to be told my bag had no personality. See, it just shows to go ya. Ever since then I've tried to carry a bag that reflects a little bit of who I am. Still a Coach fanatic, but not as much anymore - mostly Legacy stuff. I'm loving Hayden-Harnett right now - I think I've found my personal designer, I swear.
  15. depends on your mom's style...

    my mom is in her mid-50's and carries purses from lv to lesportsac! she LOVES color and she can totally pull it off :smile: