Do you think this looks a little too tight?

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  1. Christ, the sheer nerve of the people to tell me what I can and can't buy would be enough for me to demand I get the 17 LOL!

    I have a size 17 in the small love, it's pretty bangle-y on me and that's exactly how I wanted it! I think that's the more modern way to wear it. The early early Love bracelet ads have them on super tight and it looks so uncomfortable haha. I remember loving the look of Reese Witherspoon's in a Christmas movie with Vince Vaughn and wanting a fit more like that. I like that I can put it a little further up my arm if I need to, to keep it out of the way washing my hands or washing a quick dish or something in the kitchen sink.

    I think most important is that you seem to be leaning towards the bigger size. Maybe at least try one on and don't let them take it away from you after two seconds haha! Wiggle your arm around and play with the movement and see if you like that better.
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  2. I lost 10 pounds only and my size 17 got sooo lose. Really if you plan on losing 20 pounds i highly recommending keeping this size
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  3. My wrist is 15.2. Worries about same issues, but went with 17. Been 2 weeks and very happy. Not too loose and goes about 2in down from wrist. My wrist bone not prominent.
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  4. I got the 16 for all of my Loves, and I personally regret not getting the bigger size. It's a personal choice. Some people like it to fall way lower on the arm... I personally just regret not going for a slightly looser fit.
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  5. Exactly! Wish I got fitted in the Summer instead lol
  6. Thank you for the reply and your advice.
    I agree, with the screws there is little room.
    I’m leaning towards the 17 for now. I think the 16 is going to be too small.
    I too would like to stack at some point with other bracelets and maybe a diamond bangle one day.
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  7. Yea, I’m afraid I’ll regret the 16 too.
    Does it get tighter when you stack?
  8. Eh, I don’t really know.
    I don’t think I can lose a ton of weight on my wrists because it’s simply not there.
    But I know everything loses weight so maybe a little.
  9. It was pretty frustrating at the boutique!
    The SA’s crowed around and both said it’s a perfect fit while I’m thinking this is too tight.

    I like movement, I feel like it’s better to having breathing room.
    I saw a photo of Hillary Duff wearing two Loves and they were so tight! They looked awful to me. And made her wrist look chunky.
    But it’s personal preference
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  10. Yes! Exactly!! I know exactly the photos you’re talking about and have always felt they made her wrists look chunky hahaha. Here’s how my 17 fits. Also over the past two years my weight has fluctuated between 20 pounds lighter and heavier and there was no significant impact to how any of my watches and jewelry fit.
    B725740A-A012-407F-8558-2A34C324F816.jpeg B4A9105A-0FC0-48D0-B2DD-2CF3740507F2.jpeg 932B235D-CDAB-4366-A6CB-A39219B0583A.jpeg
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  11. My current stack is two 4-diamond loves and a thin pave love and lately I've been wearing my VCA Perlee bracelet on the very bottom. Because I got the 16, the highest Love bracelet at the top goes about 1" down from where my wrist bends. It still looks great, but in hindsight I still wish I gave myself more wiggle room. I've never been pregnant, but I imagine I'll swell up when that does eventually happen.
  12. Don't think it's too tight. Mine is similar. Dropping around the same length as yours.
  13. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here are mine. I don't feel too tight as my wrist bone is tiny, I'm wearing size 15, if I go for 16 and when I put my hand down, it will fall way down the wrist and make me uncomfortable.

    For marks, it's meant to leave some mark of the screw no matter what because the bracelet is a bit heavy?

    But choose one which you feel comfortable! If you lose weight, your wrist will be smaller even if it's already boney! That happens to me. Lol
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  14. It looks great! Thank you so much for the photo!
    And yea Hillary should have definitely sized up lol
  15. I like to wear mine more like a bangle. I don't like any jewelry to be snug on me.....and yes, stacking will make them seem more snug. If you can, wait till you loose the 20 and then see how you like the fit? I've seen them snug and loose on people and in all honesty they look good no matter what - just decide if you can handle a closer fit, or if something looser might be better for you.

    Never let an SA tell you how it should fit, because it should fit the way you want it to! Good luck!
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