Do you think this looks a little too tight?

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  1. 3AE82900-4B6E-43DE-908B-B5D8BFAD3CF3.jpeg 86F7DECF-410B-4F6F-99B7-8163BC9AD69E.jpeg D4FD126E-0E76-4026-8259-9C475321F895.jpeg 1F991EA0-9832-4084-BDB6-088449327B93.jpeg I’m stuck in between sizes between the Love bracelet in 16 or 17.
    The SA was very adamant about the 16 being the proper fit, and even though she let me try on the 17, she took it off instantly and said no it’s not suppose to be worn like a bangle and that if I chose the 17 I can damage it and cause issues with the screws.

    I’ve attached pictures of the 16 only because she pretty much grabbed the 17 away as soon as it touched my wrist lol.

    While wearing the 16 in the store for a few minutes it already was getting stuck and didn’t flow freely. It left little indentations in my skin as well, but I heard that happens regardless which is fine.
    Two SAs both told me the 16, but it felt just a little sufficating. I wish there was a 16.5.
    The big issue is that I’m going to be losing 20lbs this spring/summer so I don’t know if the 16 will become more comfortable along the way, or if I chose the 17 it might be way too big. I don’t have chubby wrists though, they’re all bones so I don’t even know if the weight loss will be relevant since it’s all in my midsection.

    I do plan on stacking the bracelet which is a future concern of it being too tight.

    Do you guys think it looks too small?
    (Please excuse the terrible tattoo, I was young and dumb and in the process of getting it removed lol)
  2. You'll know... don't let anyone tell you what's best for you when you are not comfortable with it. This is a life purchase and a lifestyle purchase... you know what's best for you and for both.
    The tattoo is cute... lol
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  3. What J!m says is absolutely correct, you have to be happy with it. More than once I've let someone talk me into something and I ended up regretting it. However, with that being said, yours fits about like mine. Being a guy I didn't want it to be loose and look like a bangle and its on the tight side. I added a second one and they are great together. They do bind a little on my wrist sometimes, but I really like the way they fit. My wife is the other way, she likes her's looser and more bangle like. She went up a size from what was recommended by the SA. She loves the way her's fit too.
    In any event, it looks great on you and still will look great if you choose to go up a size. Bob

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  4. wow, @louloumoo - tough decision! From what I see in the pictures, I'd also say it looks a bit too tight to be comfortable. Ultimately I believe you should rather listen to your gut feeling than what the SA says. After all, they don't have to live with it - you do. I am also between sizes (15 and 16) and two SAs advised me to size UP instead of down. Go figure!
    The only thing that concerns me is that you mentioned your weight loss - I find it hard to anticipate where and how your body would change. I have lost quite some weight last year (and put some of it back on, haha) but this hasn't affected my wrist / underarm area where I wear my LOVE. And your arm does not look the least bit chubby to me.

    So basically I am afraid I will not be able to give you much advice here besides listen to yourself more and maybe less to the SAs?
  5. What is your wrist measurement? And did you measure both wrists? So, We must be wrist twins! Because the 16 fits you exactly like it fits me. My wrist is around 15cm with the thinnest part a little under and the biggest part a hair over. I really Really wanted to wear the 16. I tried To convince myself it would work. But no, it was just a bit too tight going over my wrist bone. It would get stuck on the wrist bone when i would Move my arm up and down. I originally wanted to get a 16 for my left arm. But since i didnt Like the way it fit, i went Up to 17. This was much to big for my left arm! But fit much better on my right arm (Usually your dominant hand is a little bit bigger) In my case that is my right hand.

    I can See in your picture you have the love (size 16) on your left arm. Can you try the size 17 on your right arm? It may fit better assuming you are right handed.

    Also, the weight loss of 20lbs will definitely make the bracelets fit a little different. I know That when i gain Or lose weight my bracelets fit differently. I am Glad I sized up, especially over the Christmas holiday :giggle:
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  6. Thank you! You’re right, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer for this since it depends on individual preference.
    I don’t have experience with Cartier so I wasn’t sure if there was a proper fit.
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  7. This is such a deeply personal issue...I like mine looser and to me that woudl be too tight but I want the bangle effect and I have three of them and love that look. No SA can tell you "how something" is supposed to be one, that is an individual decision. So while I may think it's too tight for me, it may not be for you...ask yourself how you feel.
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  8. Thank you for your reply! I actually think the tighter fit looks great on a guy because it’s a little more masculine?
    Where a bangle can look more delicate if it freely moved up and down your arm.
    At this point I can only compare to my other bracelets which have been larger and moved more freely.
    It’s tough because I think this will only be my only classic Love purchase. So I want to get it right and have something that I will wear forever.
    If I wasn’t going to lose weight I would just size up now. My fear is that with the weight loss the loose 17 will be way too big. But again, I don’t have much fat on my wrist and arm. When I squeeze around it’s mostly bone.

    I texted the SA and asked about coming in to purchase a 17 and she said, “but your perfect fit is the 16”.
    I don’t know why all the SAs in the store have been pushing the smaller size.
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  9. Thank you!
    Yea the size did seem a little uncomfortable. Especially when moving my arm and the bracelet would get stuck.
    The weight loss is my main concern too. The 17 right now would work. It was loose, but it didn’t go halfway up my arm or anything.
    But if my arm were to become thinner I can see the 17 becoming too big.
    I don’t really want to wait until my weight loss because who knows how long they will take lol. Worried about any upcoming price increases if I wait until end of summer.
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  10. Could agree with AVCBOB more... personal preference... the funny thing, where as he likes the more closer fit, and his Wife likes the looser... I am a man and I like the looser, and my Wife, which is a woman, prefers the closer fit... Even for men and women... there is no one way that either should have to be delegated to wear or be, one way or the other. There is no set rule, just recommendations from Cartier and/or Cartier SA. Whatever feels right for you and to you. In this and every case... it's truly about you, your style, your comfort level and preference.
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  11. I did just measure and on the wrist bone my wrist is 6”. A tiny less under the wrist bone but my wrist bone barely pokes out, it’s almost non existent.
    Unfortunately I can’t wear anything on my right hand due to my job and how much I work with my right. It would be a safety issue as well as banging the bracelet up.

    Yea the weight loss has been on my mind a lot. But looking at my full body I can say that the weight goes to my belly, love handles, and thighs. A little in my face but not much.
    My arms have always been thin and there isn’t much meat to pinch or squish there lol.
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  12. Yea absolutely, everyone has a different style preference and what’s physically comfortable for them.
    I just wish the had half sizes lol
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  13. In a perfect world... half sizes would be awesome...
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  14. It looks pretty uncomfortable! If it's already that tight think of how it'll be in hot weather and more importantly the future
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  15. Only you know your body best! But if you are 6” then that is about 15.2 cm. If you go with a 16 that is only .8cm wiggle room. For me, that’s too tight. But i also Stack 3 loves and sometimes a JUC. I needed A looser fit. Hope you can find a size that works for you!!