Do you think this let-trade epi pochette looks dirty?!

  1. hi ;)

    I really want a red epi pochette and there is one on let-trade but the red seems to look a bit dark to me. It could just be the photos (or me being paranoid!), what do you guys think?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. If you look at picture #4 it seems that the leather has been rubbed/worn, causing some darkness. That doesn't wipe off, you know? I think this bag has been used a lot and loved much, since the strap has also had wear issues.

    Now the handles on that Trouville, that's dirty. Ewwww. That poor thing needs new handles.
  3. I think the pochette on let-trade is the old epi red (since it has the black edging, not red); the old red (to me) looks darker than the newer red, which seems more orangy-red?
  4. OK, thanks guys. I think I will wait for a better one.
  5. I'd totally get the dirty trouville and get the vachetta replaced...IF the bag was near the low $200s.
  6. I think LT asking fair price for that "dirty" trouville :smile: Such that Trouville selling here for around that price, too.
  7. good deal