Do you think this is wrong or right?

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  1. Ok, so I finally saw a pair of shoes that I have been DYING for that I couldn't find because they are from like 2 years ago. They were brand new, too! Well, the seller asked how much I was willing to spend and I told her that I'd be willing to pay $$$, but not an outrageous amount of money like way above retail.

    Well, I get an email back and the seller says that the only way I could buy them is if I pay way above retail for them because otherwise, she wouldn't be making a profit off of them. These shoes retail around $350.......she wanted at least $500 for them :wtf:

    Do you think that's right for shoes that were sold in 2005? I don't know. I personally wouldn't be that selfish and greedy.
  2. Yeah seems ok. Older shoes can have more of a value. What brand are they?
  3. i think it's ok too, and i wouldn't consider it selfish or greedy, just supply and demand.
  4. Things in limited supply, especially in brand new condition, often fetch far more than their original retail. I don't blame the seller for wanting more for them.
  5. Miu Miu
  6. I had a similar experience. I loved the Coach "Jessica" Shearling boots that was featured right on their winter catalog. But when I get around to purchase it, they do not have them anymore. I looked around for other retailers that carry Coach shoes like Nordstrom, Saks etc., they ran out of them as well...

    Went on e-bay 1 year later, I ran into the shoes I want. The size is about 1.5 size bigger than mine and it was half off the retail of $600... I was so tempted to get it. But my logic took over and I waited off my "want" listening to Bono's "what I don't have I don't need it now".

    Finally at the Nordstrom basement this year, I found my "Jessica" at 1/3 of what the retail is and I can also try it on to see if they fit.
  7. I personally would not pay more than retail. But that is just me.

    Even for collectables and antiques, investments are always a buy low sell high theory. Shoes as investments, unless they are featured in the shoe museums, are meant to be worn than something to be collected like e.g. a Hermes purse.

    I think you can maybe bargain with the seller (obviously the seller is willing to part with the product and shoes have narrow audience as in the design and fit does not suit everyone), there is a chance that the seller may be willing to go with your budget. Trick is how much the seller knows you want the product and how you handle the buying process.

    Value is in the eye of the beholder... good luck with your purchase!
  8. Personally, this question has always rubbed me the wrong way.

    Although I've never paid over retail for shoes, if you still love them, sounds like it's your only option for a new pair.
  9. I can't justify that for shoes but somehow I could for a purse

    go figure :s
  10. i think you made a mistake in negotiating with her, you shouldn't have told her you were willing to pay above retail! her asking for $150 over retail is extortion. try seeing if you can get it down to something a little more reasonable, she is probably pretty willing to part with them as it has been a while since she got them.
  11. it's all about supply and demand. if she can get $500 for them, why would she sell them for less?
  12. That's almost 50% above retail... Personally, I would not pay 50% above retail for Miu Miu shoes. I may for sold-out late season Louboutins, but that's a personal preference...

    By any chance, would the seller be NaturalGasGirl or BeLuxe? I think they're both outrageous! :yucky:
  13. That's a pretty high markup for something that's going to spend most of its life touching the ground and with a foot inside it. I would say no, offer something like $400 instead.
  14. Very well said!! The seller sounds greedy!!! But if you're really in love with it and is willing to pay that much for it, then I say go ahead!!
  15. i strongly suggest negotiating.
    Make your highest price, and that's that.
    if not, it wasnt meant to be? maybe not that extreeme.

    If you really want them, defiantely try to get the price down first, but if not, get them if you feel there is not another chance. :yes: :heart: