Do you think this is winter only?

  1. I pretty much know the answer to this question... I'm just hoping someone will say "Sure you can wear it in the hot Texas summer!" lol

    Just let me know thanks!

    I love this pretty bag sooo much! :heart:
    DSC05741.jpg DSC05739.jpg DSC05735.jpg
  2. i, personally, would wear any bag anytime of the year. if i love it, i'm wearing it. :yes:
  3. i don't think there's necessarily a "right or wrong" but for me personally, the tweedy look and jewel tones scream winter.
  4. It's more wintery but I'd wear it in the summer with the right outfit.
  5. white blouse, black skirt?
  6. definitely winter
  7. Me too! I wear my bags regardless of the weather! Oh also congrats I love that bag! I have it! Now looking at yours I feel I need to take care her out of the bag!
  8. I'm not normally one who wears my bags based on what time of year it is, but I agree that the bag screams fall and winter because of the colors, details, and materials.
  9. Not sure I would wear it in the summer in Texas. It does say winter when I look at it.
    But I am picturing it with some cool brown boots or heels , to match the leather trim.
  10. You'd see tweed more in the winter months but hey, I'd rock that any time of the year with the right outfit. :yes: As long as it goes with your outfit and doesn't make other people feel hot just looking at it (you know, like seeing someone in a wool coat in 80 degree weather), go for it.
  11. The tweed is pretty winter-y, but with the pink and brown I think you could probably wear it with the right outfit through spring and also in the fall. I just don't think i would wear it through midsummer. Such a CUTE bag, btw!
  12. with a micro mini denim skirt, brown (nice clean flat leather strapped) sandals and a clean cute shirt, it will totally work in the summer you goof! why not! fashion is what you make of it! summerize the look and you got it!
  13. Exactly! That's what I am going to wear when I use mine!
  14. I think it's more wintery, but definitely with the right outfit, it would look great in the summer too! jewel tones are supposed to be the thing for spring (I just read that somewhere), I think as long as you like it, go for it!
  15. Thanks you guys I appreciate it!

    I actually bought it IN the summer but never used it until TODAY!!! omg i know i'm bad but i've used the Demi a couple of times... i'm going to use it all week so i have to have outfits that go with it... i probably wouldn't use it in the summer but i'm gonna use it all through Feb and March... :sad: so sad to put them away... but i got that Stripe Tote... in punch in my closet! YAY :wlae: