do you think this is weird?

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  1. hello, this is my first post but i've been reading the PF for ages to get fabulous knowledge about bags!

    Anyway, i hope you can help. i bid on a coach bag and was outbid. but then the seller sent me a second chance offer. The seller says the winner wanted to be excused from the sale because her daughter had gotten into her account and bid without her permission.

    what makes me suspicious is the seller made the offer within 6 hours of the end of auction. And when I did a seller ID check and a ID check on the winning bidder, although they both have 100% feedback, they both live in the same state. And, they don't have many purchases for this year, so I can't see what they have been bidding on.

    in the second chance offer message the seller wrote a message to the next highest bidder saying they could have the bag if I wanted it. she wrote that bidder's ID, but when I checked it that person didn't exist.

    what do you think?

    i'd really appreciate your thoughts because i really love the bag but it seems a bit suspicious.

    thank you!!
  2. When in doubt, opt out. It sounds a little fishy to me.
  3. :nogood:I smell something very fishy here:nogood:, and I Agree I would NOT send a dime to that seller!
    STAY CLEAR!!!:tdown:

    BTW welcome the Purse Forum!
  4. Thank you! You're both right. I:ty:t just seems too dodgy. Too bad I've been looking out for that bag for ages... I'll just keep waiting...

    Thanks for the welcome. The Purse Forum is my secret indulgence
  5. Run awaaaaay, it sounds like the seller used a dummy account to boost the selling price.

    Aack, I left the tab open to long. Glad you made a decision, and welcome to the forum!
  6. Sounds like shill bidding to me :tdown:
  7. good advice if I've ever heard it!:yes:
  8. thanks everyone.
  9. agree agree agree - take no risks on eBay and trust your gut feeling....
  10. This happened to me last night. Someone sent me a 2nd chance offer to an item that hadn't even ended. They asked me to send payment to their gmail account. Yeah, right!

    I'd send the email to eBay right away:
  11. ITA with all the other posts - stay well clear. Your dream bag will come along again.
  12. Definitely shill bidding! Stay away!

    Welcome to tPF!
  13. jam, good for you, for doing some detective work!