Do you think this is true about Mypoupette & LV ?

  1. I just read that too (right after I read the thing about let-trade). I honestly don't know what to think anymore. I've never used mypoupette's authentication services, but I've always heard such good things about them.
  2. i read this right after the let-trade thing too! i always try to buy LV on ebay from MPRS and it thought it looked good to me. I have used Carols services too on her site and hope this was just someone upset and it's not true! :crybaby:
  3. wow i guess she doesnt really have a right to do what she did but i was a good service (wether it was truthful or not) i never used it but i would've needed it in the future
  4. I hope it's not a scam! if it is...they sure have fooled thousands! but I doubt it's true
  5. wats wrong with let-trade???
  6. If you read the whole page through, you can see that the person who wrote it might also be a liar. In any case, if you've purchased from an mprs and haven't brought it to an LV store, then you should! If it's real, congratulations! If it's not, then you should report it so we know to avoid that seller and mypoupette.
  7. Ive heard that the huang family sells "super" copies
  8. And a lot of times, people actually CLAIM they're a MPRS when they're really not. They just steal the logos, put them on the auctions and people just assume they're actually MPRS and don't bother actually clicking on the logo and making sure that seller is on the list of approved sellers.
  9. The bottom line is that MyPoupette is not LV, so really if you have any doubts, ask LV, not an arbiter that has no legal status.

    Also, do your research - MPRS or not, they're alot of great sellers that aren't MPRS for whatever reason and they're alot of wanna-be MPRS just throwing the logo into their auctions to pass themselves off for the real deal.

    Contact the seller no matter what - ask questions, then ask us if you want too ( there's an authenticate this page here :smile: )

    I think we do just as good as a job as MyPoupette - plus you get like a zillion opinions so it's always going to be better than just one (1) opinion.

    Anyone feel the same way?
  10. i don't know what to think either now.


    A SAFE BUY =)

    If you follow the QRAP model above, you can't go wrong, trust me! :yahoo: LoL
  12. Basically, you have to do QRAP, so that you don't get any back from the seller, LoL :yahoo:
  13. And if you don't do QRAP though, then you'll be in a real rut, LoL
  14. Haha.
    You have to rely on a few different sources, not just one. I've never noticed that anyone has really ever had any problems with MPRS though. But still like you said, you have to be aware and not just trust one site or anything...we're all here also and can give you our opinions on bags as well. ;)