Do you think this is too much?

  1. I really want to buy the Dalia sneaker in punch. I have the legacy sig khaki/ebony shoulder zip.

    My concern is do you think wearing a bag and shoes with signature fabric is too much? I would love your opinions.:heart:
  2. I don't think that wearing Signature shoes and carrying a Signature bag is, as a rule, tacky. If I did, I wouldn't have done it today. I'm wearing my black Signature Jacque slingbacks and carrying my khaki/black Signature Legacy Flap.

    Can it be tacky? Sure. I really think it depends on what Signature pieces you are wearing and whether or not they work together. The Dalia sneakers are pretty bold so I think you'd really have to see how it looks. You might be better off with an understated bag with such bold shoes but it's hard to say without seeing them on you together.
  3. :sad: Anyone else??
  4. I wear my metallic scribble sneakers along with the matching small tote, which are both from last year... and they look good! My mom wears her new patchwork tote with the matching heels (I forgot the name) and it looks fun. I guess it depends on the print, but I think it should look fine!! :smile:
  5. I wore my Evelina sandals which are khaki signature print and carried my black signature shoulder tote. Not at all tacky or too much Coach! :smile:
  6. I see no reason why it couldn't be pulled off.
  7. I'm probably the queen of tacky and loving it.
    I wear LV multicolore bags with matching shoes and belt and sometimes a scarf. LOL.
    Who cares? It makes me happy and if it makes you happy wear it!
    I love seeing matching shoes and bags, especially Coach signatures.

    Cute cute!
    I had some gorgeous patchwork ballets but never could get my grubby hands on the matching metallic mosiac pleated bag so I eventually sold them. I LOVED them tho.
    Post pics of you when you get them! :yes:

    I forgot my avatar has me with some LV denim shoes on. And you can bet I only wear them with matching bags. Go for it girlie! hehe
    I'd personally probably match my bags and shoes but if you like it, wear it!
  8. I don't think so. Go for it.
  9. I think it's possible to overdose on wearing a bunch of items of the same designer, and sometimes that can just look wrong, but two items I don't think are a big deal. Also, the distance between the two items when you wear them would help keep it from being too much. One at your shoulder, the other all the way down at your feet. Now if you were doing Coach hat, Coach scarf, Coach sunglasses, Coach earrings, and Coach purse? I would think that would be too much of a good thing. *L*
  10. no way its not tacky.. it if is, then i m tacky :sad:
  11. It's all in how you style it too. I reserve "tacky" for Atlantic City. *L* j/k Coach is cute, not tacky.

  12. I've seen your pictures. You aren't tacky, you're fabulous. ;) Now, when you start wearing your pants up under your chest, a fanny pack and a visor, then we'll revisit the tacky talk. (j/k, no offense intended to anyone who happens to wear that stuff. *L*)
  13. thanks lmao that comment had me dying!! i wear fanny packs!!! just kidding
  14. I have no problem with sig shoes to match a sig bag...yesterday I pulled out last years scribble tote and sneakers and was cute if I do say so myself. I'm not so sure about the punch trim on the shoes with the black trim on the bag though....
  15. I personally don't think it's too much.