Do you think this is the same bag as on the Coach site?

  1. It is the same bag. And I think the P might be the color or something? I'm not sure though.
  2. same bag, but definately not $298.
  3. Thanks uninviting and kallison423 -- I LOVE this bag, but can't see spending $400 with tax on Signature. :sad:
    Have you seen the matching wallets though? Love those too! :smile:
  4. get the wallet, at least!
    i'm getting the accessories with this round...not overly fond of many of the bags, which is great for my bank account!
  5. This is my first post. I just bought this bag this week. I love it!! It was $378.00 if I remember correctly. I got the Stripe Wristlet to go with and the Stripe/Signature ponytail scarf. I have received many compliments on all of the items.
  6. Welcome, kcrs95! :welcome:
  7. Thank you. I am a Coach fanatic. I've tried other designers (L.V., Kate Spade, etc). None of them compares to the way I feel when I wear a Coach. I look forward to many more posts!!

  8. post pics please!!! :drool:
  9. The P just means it was in a Pinnicle store before it was released all over.
  10. um. not really. P is what is used for the "test" items.

    you'd see the P on the 10616. and i know there is this one store, that isn't anything but just a store (not fashion, tourist, or pinnacle) that was a test store that had the signature stripe almost a year in its store before it offically debuted.

    and that started with a P.

    good guess though.

    there is also a C, which my manager says its a corporate "gift" but i saw this signature palm holder being sold at the palm store with a C on its style number....

    so who knows.
  11. This bag is definitely $378.00, I just bought it on Friday at one of the Coach stores here in Vegas and I love it.