Do you think this is tacky?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I usualy don't lurk into LV much, so if this question has been asked before, please excuse me.

    I was wondering;) would it be tacky if I get the same epi purse, for example, the St Tropez, but in a different color? I have the black one, but I really like the red one. Or should I sell the black one and get the red one.

    Also, along the same lines. I have the BH, but I'm starting to like the Passy GM in Ivoire. Should I get it, even though its the same bag in a different line? TIA!
  2. I think many of us have the same bag in a couple of colours. If you love it...go for it! Look at all the speedy collectors on here!:tup:
    It would be tacky if you wore them both at the same
  3. well...for me, PERSONALLy i wouldn't buy something in the same thing but a diff. color, only because I don't have the $$$ to do that but, if you really love the shape then WHY NOT!! i say go for it if that's what you really like =)
  4. ok. i love epi. every bag i have is epi except for a few. some colors are limited.. so i think i would get a different color. in the end its what makes you happy. if you can afford it do it. whos to tell you youre wrong? i mean youre going to be out and about with a hot bag :yes:
  5. I definitely would do it and have done it! I do the same thing with clothes, if I like the cut and fit, I get it in all colors lol.
  6. me too!:tup:
  7. I say go for it! If you like a bag in another color, might as well get it.
  8. Go for it!
  9. I don't see anything tacky/wrong with that at all. If it works for you, go ahead! I know if I like a particular cut or style of clothing, I'll get it in a couple of colors. I do the same thing with wallets/bags on occasion.
  10. Thanks girls for all your input!
  11. I do the exact same thing!! I have 4 speedy bags....I just love that bag!!
  12. I do that a lot if I really love something and it works for me. Sometimes things are hard to find and if it's great for you, then why not? It's not like you'll use them at the same time!
  13. If you really love something then no it's not weird at all. If I could afford it, I would've bought both the bordeaux and noir Mirage speedies. Sadly I could only afford one at this time :crybaby:
  14. If the shape works for you go for it. I but shirts in mutiples if i LVOE it.
  15. Nope! I have bag coming that I already know I'll love so I"m planning on buying it in a second color lol.